Why not pattern US health reform after GB / UK? They use HERBS? Health Remedies

Why not pattern US health reform after GB / UK? They use HERBS?  Health Remedies

Why not pattern US health reform after GB / UK? They use HERBS?

I favor Health Care Reform IF we use HERBS as much or more than pharmaceuticals? UK uses more natural health remedies. I am not impressed with synthetic drugs that the human body wants to initally reject since it causes reactions and side effects. They always want to add more drugs to cover your symptoms up. That’s not good doctoring!

Who is trying to shorten your life?

Also, acupuncture and Spinal Decompression and chiropractic are so helpful. I wonder why people are not as healthy in America as in 3rd world countries. Sicko movie seen at High School today & it was very good to encourage us to LOOK AT other countries’ and what works. Hey – we’re supposed to thrive on capitalism and competitiveness. Let’s have what really is BEST not just pharm drugs.

The Scientific Method is conducted only on synthetic drugs by the Big Pharma since that is the only method by which to put a patent n any item and make money. Do they care that something works better? There are studies done. FDA and Big Pharma do not care to investigate to keep us drugged & funding drug companies. System MUST be changed. Most herbs never harm or carry the horrible side-effects that drugs do. I fault doctors for really not finding out what works themselves. Why not at least try a high Vitamin B complex & Acai which can help alleviate and PREVENT diseases from happening. Doctors should be educated in herbs and paid for making people healthier like they are in UK. They are paid bonus for patient’s losing weight, stopping smoking, etc.

I used red raspberry leaves to stop 2 miscarriages & my pregnancy, labor & kids were and are still very healthy.

Red Raspberry Leaves are fantastic for stopping early contractions and giving excellent conditions for baby to grow with healthy pregnancy and I know I went from almost losing my baby, to being able to do jumping jacks even in the last week before delivering at age 43. Sure this is anecdotal but it is true for me. I think it could be repeated with most women. I took the suggestion from someone else. It’s not only for women, but for men. Probably would help with diabetics and their problem with circulation, with absolutely no side-effects. Do you see pharmaceutical drug companies making any money off of this? No since it is a food and cannot be patented, so do they care? No. They will not do the research. The drug companies do not care about what is best. Herbs are standardized. Your view is limited. I have great respect for herbs. Chlorella is another FANTASTIC algae for health & it should be promoted.

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” I wonder why people are not as healthy in America as in 3rd world countries”

This is ridiculous. Americans easily live 20 years longer than most 3rd world countries’ people.

Herbs are easily patentable: Drug companies would extract the ingredients that work and then put them in a pill. But they DON’T WORK!

The UK health service doesn’t use herbs. Though there’s sometimes limited funding for things like reflexology, acupuncture etc, this is done purely from a mental health point of view and is ALWAYS complementary, NEVER an alternative treatment. Doctors know it doesn’t work on physical ailments, so does the health service so no one is ever referred for treatment. It’s used as a placebo for people who are mainly depressed or suffer other mental issues and don’t want to use drugs. Even then, its funding is always secondary to proper, correct clinical healthcare.

Just for your information: Herbs that are bought in shops in pill or product form ARE mainly owned by Big Pharma already. This is a fact that alt med scammers like to ignore because it leaves them in a really embarrassing position.

EDIT: ” i want no part of socialized medicine where paper pushes decide what is good for my health and what they will help pay for to be worked on.”

You mean like health insurance companies do?

Heath reform is supposed to be about moving forward, not backwards.

I have already said to you before that acai does not prevent disease. If I am wrong please post your published peer reviewed clinical data showing so.

Your question sounds more like an advert then anything else.

Red raspberry leaves and drug companies – I posted this at your other question, I managed to find one study:

“Red raspberry tea is still commonly recommended for pregnant women. However, while there is weak preliminary evidence from animal studies that raspberry might have an effect on the uterus,1 the only real clinical study trial reported to date found no benefit.2 This double-blind placebo-controlled study evaluated the effects of red raspberry in 192 pregnant women. Treatment (placebo or 2.4 g of raspberry leaf daily) began at the 32nd week of pregnancy and was continued until the onset of labor. The results failed to show any statistically meaningful differences between the group. Red raspberry did not significantly shorten labor, reduce pain, or prevent complications. Thus, at present, it appears that red raspberry does not work in the manner ascribed to it by tradition.”http://healthlibrary.epnet.com/GetConten…

If there is money to be made of something like raspberry leaves then the drug companies will certainly be interested – they would be keen to identify the active chemical then put it through the normal processes to produce a safe consistent drug.

The herb part of the health reform is fine and dandy but i want no part of socialized medicine where paper pushes decide what is good for my health and what they will help pay for to be worked on.

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