Pregnancy Ultrasound In Emergency Situations National Health Information

Pregnancy Ultrasound In Emergency Situations  National Health Information

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Women with obstetric emergencies comprise 15% of the expectant population. Pregnancy ultrasound is important in the evaluation of these conditions which may pose danger to mother and baby.These emergencies usually manifest symptoms of severe tummy pain and vaginal bleeding.Increased rate of survival is usually guaranteed by early diagnosis and appropriate intervention. The sooner the intervention the better the outcome.Ultrasound scanning is a vital tool

According to Y. Kaakaji, in a research paper they performed in the American Journal of Roentgenology, there are various obstetric emergencies with specific pictures via ultrasonography. Ultrasonography is widely used as a confirmatory test to the findings a physician can get from history taking and physical examination.

The list of obstetric emergencies include ectopic pregnancy. There is implantation of the fertilized egg in a place other than the womb.There is severe bleeding that can be uncontrollable in the cervical type of ectopic pregnancy. That is why it has the gravest prognostication.

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