Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau!

Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau!

The weight loss plateau is the dreaded point within your diet where your weight just doesn''t seem to want to come off anymore, no matter what you do to make it come off. A plateau usually occurs early on in your weight loss regiment and can be very frustrating and demotivating.

As you are starting a diet and workout routine, system, or program, the first weight that drops off of your body is the water weight. This initial weight loss will average between six pounds and twelve pounds on average, giving you that first bit of determination. Then, in about a week or so, the loss of weight will suddenly stop.

After the initial drop in weight due to your body burning off its stores of glycogen, your body goes into a self-defense mode to protect itself. Your body has been used to living a certain way for generally a long period of time and the sudden shock of changing your diet or exercise routine tends to put your body on the defensive.

Your weight plateau comes from your metabolism slowing down. This weight plateau is caused by the lowering levels of leptin in your body due to the lower caloric intake into your body. When the leptin levels in your body go down, your metabolism slows and tells your body that you are hungry. It also prevents glycogen from being released.

It''s funny that most people are surprised by this plateau because it always happens, no matter what diet you are using. There are ways to fool your body into not thinking you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. Learn how to minimize the weight loss plateau so you can continue to lose weight throughout your weight loss efforts.

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