New Program Solves Health Care Practitioners Marketing Challenges - Articles & News About Health

New Program Solves Health Care Practitioners Marketing Challenges - Articles & News About Health

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New Program Solves Health Care Practitioners Marketing Challenges

Enfield, Conn. (PRWEB) April 23, 2008 -- It isn''t easy to build a business, especially if you are a small start-up. The biggest challenge to growth comes from a lack of cash flow to hire a marketing consultant to get small businesses noticed. A new program called Growth Manager, owned and operated by a former practitioner who understands those challenges, was just launched. It offers alternative health care practitioners cost-effective tools to get the word out about their practice.

"Having worked in health care," Bob Le May, President & CEO, Growth Manager, says. "I experienced the difficulties surrounding a new small business. How do I get potential clients and patients to know I exist? And how do I afford it? If Growth Manager had been around when I was practicing, that problem would have been solved."

The Growth Manager? program was created by the founders of Inner Chi Methods and Systems, who over the past 10 years developed and tested healing programs, methods and wellness business systems. These methods and systems demonstrated value to both the individual practitioner in business and where several practitioners come together to offer various services in one location. They also demonstrated value in a hospital setting.

The creators of the Growth Manager marketing tools program bring more than over 100 years of experience in health care, wellness and business. Drawing on their experience, they developed program tools to help practitioners manage their business.

"As one might expect," Le May adds, "as holistic heath providers, we created a program that tackles marketing, customer support and personal development. We see those three business issues as the most challenging areas of business growth, so our program takes a holistic approach to providing solutions to those challenges."

The Growth Manager products come in the form of training materials, planning tools and templates. The Marketing tools give practitioners proved processes to get the word out in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV; to current clients for more services and referrals; the means to positioning themselves as experts in their fields. The program also provides training tools in customer service and personal development.

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