Most Nigerian Men Have

Most Nigerian Men Have


Yep, you might call me a liar. However, it is the Blatant Truth.

This topic is not been taught in school by our Biology teachers.

Unfortunately, we men don''t put in EXTRA effort to learn more about it due to some limitations.

Here Are 3 Reasons Limiting Men

To Acquire The Right Knowledge

Of Love Making.

1. Our background:

Most of us have been born and raised in a very conservative culture. For all of us, while growing up, discussing sex was taboo.

All you needed to get beaten by your parents was to make a reference to the genital parts, talk less of sex.

However, the things we know about sex is what we have heard from friends who are as inexperienced as we are, some erotic novels and blue films hidden from the eyes of our parents.

2. Religious Belief:

Most people are holding on to their religious belief and don''t want to learn more.

Some are so opionated that discussing anything related to Sex is a HUGE SIN and anyone who engages in such discussion on a regular basis is UNCLEAN in the eyes of GOD or ALLAH and Fit for ETERNAL DESTRUCTION or HELL FIRE.

But, they also forget one part too; that we are all humans created with sexual feelings & desires, especially women, and need to satisfy them.

Not attending to this in due time, can actually lead them into adultery, just like the wife of the tanker driver. And that would be very bad.

And this situation could become worse if the woman is .......... way more experienced than you are.

Here are what some women said about love making positions most husband avoid doing while having

sex due to being "over righteous"

3. Ego

For some others, men who release fast will NEVER EVER open up to share his problems with his friends, because of one thing; EGO.

He does not want to be mocked among his associates because of his weakness. If asked, he would lie through his teeth just to ''cover

These men do know for sure that they have a problem, but they are clueless on what to do to revive themselves again, thereby forcing them to put up with the day to day embarrassments of being a 1 minute man.

Unfortunately, the so called herbalists, who advertise on Newspapers, have seen this opportunity, and kept making millions of Naira every year despite the fact that a large chunk of them sell stuffs that are supposed to be in the

Even some doctors charge thousands of Naira in order to recommend some called magic pills and even creams, just for their clients to last longer in bed.

True, these men will enjoy some "injury time". Before long though, their manhood undergoes the same challenge that will get them addicted to these herbs, creams, or miracle pills like several men now do, just to avoid ''quick release''.

The END result of this is that a large percentage of us are GETTING SICK by the day, we DAMAGE our overall health and we end up WITHOUT

I know by now, you would agree a little with me that Lack of the Right Knowledge is the MAIN reason why you see a lot of sexually related

problems all over the place.

- Weak or no erections

- Inability to go more than one round of sex in bed

- Inability to last long in bed

- And other Erectile dysfunctions

So, what should you do?

The best thing and wise decision to make is to check yourself and take charge of this special area

Get the right information to eradicate this problem forever so that you don''t become an object of insult like the tanker driver in the nearest

How Do You Get The Right Knowledge?

Don''t worry. You don''t have to travel anywhere or book an appointment with a doctor who will charge you thousands of Naira just to get what you need in order to last longer in bed and satisfy your woman in bed

I have discovered what I call ...... the EXACT Solution to the PAIN-STRICKEN Last Longer In Bed Solution.


to me by a 57 Year Old Baba!

I have used it myself and I can tell you,