Losing Weight - Break bad habits

Losing Weight - Break bad habits

Dealing with the up''s and down''s of weightloss

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Break the habit -Lose WeightBy Emma on June 2, 2009

Do you watch TV at night and automatically want a bowl of chips (or worse in my case a bag!) or a bowl of ice cream. Maybe it is snacking while making dinner. Another habit I loved was sitting down with a good book and eating doritos. So much of what interferes with our weightloss is based on habit vs need. The problem is how do we break these habits? Change it up. Make a rule- only eat in the kitchen or on the patio. If you want a snack at night, sit down and eat it in the kitchen. If you really love eating and watching TV and don’t want to give it up then make a rule it can only be certain things ie fiber 1 cereal, sugar free jello, carrot sticks, apple. Make that your habit. My grandfather used to have the habit of eating and apple and cereal every night watching TV. He was skinny. GOOD LUCK!

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