How to have Great Phone Sex.

How to have Great Phone Sex.

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This makes sense since sex usually involves at least two people touching each other in some way: kissing, caressing, hugging, inserting, receiving, and so on. Then there''s the eye contact, absent during phone sex unless of course you are using a web cam.

So here''s a few hints to help you get started. Firstly, remember that sex happens first and foremost in the mind so prepare your mind for the encounter as if you were actually in the same room with your partner. I''ll tell you how in a moment.

You could also forgo some of the spontaneity by making a phone sex date so that both of you know the general plan, and might think ahead of time about what you can do when you answer or make the call(s).

OK... Set the mood. Turn off the lights and put on some romantic music. Create a sexy environment with some aroma scents and candles. (If you have encouraged your partner to do the same, all the better). Perhaps a glass of bubbly beside your bed may loosen inhibitions. Get yourself naked and as a pre-call warm up, you may wish to �get in touch� with yourself with a little self fondling as if you were starting to masturbate. A little telephone foreplay might make it feel more natural to start the sexual connection on the phone because it would really be a continuation of what''s already begun.

Now that you''re in the mood, here are some words that might get the conversation going...

"Operator, I need some assistance."
"What are you wearing... or not wearing?"
"Your voice makes me __________."
"I love when you put your __________ on/in my __________. "
"The next time I see you, I''m going to __________."
"Is that a cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"Nurse, can you cum here? I need some help holding this."

I hope these tips & suggestions help. But for now... I gotta go, some thing''s vibrating!

For many couples, phone sex is a great way to be intimate when they can''t actually be physically together. Take for example couples who for reasons like work, military responsibilities, schooling etc. may be forced to live apart for a time. Fooling around on the phone can be a real relationship booster.

Tele-fooling around can really add spice to a relationship but what about first timers? Well you should know that even couples who frequently indulge in phone sex, it can be difficult at first but like anything else, practice makes perfect!