How to Get Great Abs for men

How to Get Great Abs for men
The search for great abs goes way beyond the thought of how good you will look showing off your midsection at the beach or even how well you will perform various physical activities such as playing sports. Studies now show that the size of your waist is even more useful than your body weight or BMI (body mass index) as a way of calculating your risk of developing certain diseases.

One well known heart specialist in Miami states that abdominal fat is not only different but also more dangerous that fat in other areas of the body. Belly fat attaches itself to organs which are known to increase C-reactive protein or CRP as well as other inflammation markers that can result in the development of heart disease.

One of the most important things to remember that decreasing fat content in the body is paramount to showing of great abs. For the majority of men having more than ten per cent body fat will prevent your abs from being visible.

When it comes to eating healthier you can achieve a lot simply by changing the words you use to describe what you are eating. For instance if you eat lunch around noon each day instead of having an afternoon snack in the mid afternoon have a second lunch. The reason this works so well is that many men categorize the word snack with junk food. In addition to this you will not need a huge dinner in the evening hours which will give you more energy for late afternoon or evening workouts.

Reducing fat can also help to regulate insulin levels. When there is an excessive amount of insulin due to too much sugar and little exercise it can result in stomach fat or worse. After extended periods of time of the pancreas producing excessive insulin it can accumulate in the arteries leading to heart attack and stroke.

While some exercises that target the abdominal muscles are based on movement others are more focused on balance. This causes your muscles to work harder to keep your body balanced. Studies show that most men have issues with remaining stable as well as mobile. Including exercise that target both of these issues will have a more thorough effect when working the abdominal muscles.

One exercise set that includes both types include the swiss ball rollout for mobility followed by a swss ball crunch for stability. Using both of these together will require the abdominal muscles to get the maximum workout which in turn will result in the maximum benefit. High intensity cardiovascular workouts are also very important to burning fat. The general consensus here is that the harder the workout the more fat that will be burned. It is equally important to remember in this area not to overwork yourself. This can result in serious repercussions and can actually make the overall effect much less beneficial. Over exerting yourself is often just as damaging as if you don’t exercise at all because your body will be too tired to benefit from the workout.