Get Information on Herbal Weight Loss

Get Information on Herbal Weight Loss

While the interest in herbal weight loss supplements is not a bad thing it has meant that the market has become flooded with them and consumers are often in a position where they do not know what supplement they should take. Although many of the names will be commonplace, just how much do you know about what they do for the person using them.

Hoodia Gordonni is one of the newest herbal weight control supplements and is a cactus found mostly in Africa, touted as an effective appetite suppressant. This clever plant fools the brain into believing the blood sugar levels are higher than they real are thus suppressing the desire to eat and as been used by local tribes for centuries.

On the other hand, Guarana works by stimulating the body so it has increased energy as it is from a Brazilian plant that contains caffeine, the properties of which are well documented. However, Guarana is not for everyone with some people suffering with high blood pressure, feeling anxious, dizzy and sick so as a herbal weight loss product it has to be taken under advisement.

Another supplement that has diuretic properties is dandelion and many children are warned against using it by their parents although it is pretty harmless, some people have become allergic to using it. The immediate result is water weight loss which is temporary at best leaving this herbal supplement ineffective for long-term weight loss.

In an effort to maintain a healthy system many natural weight loss products use cascara, an herbal laxative which helps expel unwanted and unhealthy toxins from the body. Although once again, this type of product cannot be used in the long term as it can have serious side effects from the loss of vital nutrients from the body.

One particularly popular herbal weight loss supplement is the extract that can be obtained from green tea which can be found in many products including drinks, vitamins and even as a concentrate in a tablet. Healthy eating and exercise play a large part in weight loss but studies have shown that green tea does help when used as part of this weight control regime.

The average American will spend many thousands of dollars each year on natural or herbal weight loss products but when used on their own there is still little evidence that they are effective at long term weight control.

With Hoodia being a rare and protected plant, it is not surprising that a price of fifty dollars for a single months supply is not uncommon which is why many users find their wallet is often the only thing shedding weight. If you are serious about shedding the pounds then you need to look at your diet and exercise level as well as how many natural weight control products you use.