Full : Healthy Body Detox Guide

Full : Healthy Body Detox Guide

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Body detox is among the best ways of keeping ourselves clean and healthy, besides other methods such as special diets, vitamin supplements, natural therapies, and so on. An important step in a full body detox is to restore or also to replenish energy levels to make you more alert in different areas of your life, such as at work. A body cleanse or body detox is also a great way to give your body a boost after a night of over-indulgence, eating all the wrong foods and consuming more alcohol than is healthy. That is why body detox is needed because some mortals are having this kind of lifestyle.

The human body has a built in detox system that removes harmful substances from the body through excretion but when we put pressure on it by eating unhealthy foods, drinking too much alcohol and not getting enough sleep the system is weakened. At one time, the need for a natural body detox seemed to apply only to those who suffered from some form of drug or alcohol dependency. The pollution your body is exposed to daily, and your consumption of various types of junk food, coffee, aerated drinks, alcohol etc leads to the accumulation of various toxins in your body. Initially known for elimination of excessive alcohol and drugs from the body, detox is now being used more extensively for the process of elimination of any kind of toxins that may be present in the body. A full body detox diet plan using raw vegetables and fresh fruits is especially recommended for young individuals whose bodies have been subjected to high levels of alcohol, burgers and pizzas.

Today’s refined diets, stressful lifestyles antibiotics or other health problems can deplete the body’s natural store of these little miracle workers and upset the delicate balance or eubiosis. There are numerous other methods to detox your body, such as through herbal tea and supplements, in addition to specialized diets and spa programs. Body detox diets vary but typically involve eating or drinking nothing but raw, steamed or gently stir-fried vegetables and fruit, pulses, sprouted seeds, thin soups, juices and plain cereals such as brown rice, millet or buckwheat. Mediterranean diets are low on fat and carbohydrates and they provide us with healthy alternative to the oily food we consume every day.

Start using the benefit of exercise to cleanse and detoxify your body. Exercise increases oxygen to your system and raises your body temperature, in effect combining oxygen therapy and hyperthermia. Exercise detoxification is an effective method of cleansing many vital organs simultaneously and should become a regular part of your life. There are tons of exercise programs and plans out there, or just walking for at least 12-15 minutes a day is beneficial to the colon function. The simplest form of administering oxygen therapy is through a simple deep breathing exercise.

The increase in the amount of toxins in the body results in stress in the immune system that eventually breaks down due to overwork. If you are interested in the idea of detoxing and want to receive the fastest results possible, then what you are going to want to do is find a quick detox diet, a body detox that is going to offer you quick results. Some methods are used individually as body detox solutions while other individuals use several methods together to achieve the best possible results. If you want to receive optimum results from your detox, you should consider taking some supplements for detox. It is also good for keeping track of detox intervals or a detox schedule, body detox is not just a one time thing, for best results it should be done on a regular basis throughout the year.

While our body is not totally defenseless against toxins as we have an effective built-in natural detoxification system but body detox is still a must to help keep your body free of toxins. One of the much-desired benefits of body detox is weight loss. Liver and Kidneys detox is excellent to use before and during a weight loss program, as it will improve weight loss results. In conclusion, making your own home remedy for body detox is much better and less expensive way to pursue long term health as compared to eating detox pills.

While our body is not totally defenseless against toxins as we have an effective built-in natural detoxification system but body detox is still a must to help keep your body free of toxins. Find out more about A Full Body Detox

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Complete Detox for Full Body Cleansing

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Detoxification is a therapy in alternative medicine which, claims to rid the body of damaging substances that have a negative effect on an individual’s health. The basis of detoxification is established on the Ancient Greek idea of autointoxication according to which consumed foods can rot and produce toxins that harm the body.

Being used in conjunction with conventional medicine, this idea has continued to rise in the popularity. This has led to the development of various treatments branching from physical therapy to dietary confines or dietary supplements. Although the therapies abound, what needs to be taken into deliberation are an individual’s aims, lifestyle, and the present state of their wellbeing. After a proper analysis, practitioners recommend gamuts of detoxification therapies. The main categories of detox program are fasting, vitamin therapy, herbal detox, colon therapy, rapid detox.

Fasting – The Three Week Diet Program

This is surely the cheapest and easiest treatment to try but it should always be preceded by a visit to a capable health expert or nutritionist.

The benefits of this detox program include weight loss, clear skin and an elated stomach. We have listed some of the most recommended foods that should be consumed daily for the duration of three weeks when doing this program.

The Detox DietThe following items should be consumed, Dairy Products – Switch to dairy products made from goat or sheep milk, yogurt, eggs, should be consumed daily for three weeks to ensure successful cleansing.

More Fish – Omega-3 fatty acids, and linolenic acidsOil -Extra-virgin olive oil is best during detoxification.

Grains -Grains are not only nutritional, they are also very light. Quinoa, millet, and buckwheat should be consumed regularly for exceptional effects. They can be bought at just about any health store.

Beans -Lentils and green peas are easiest to digest and need the least soaking time.

Caffeine -Caffeine and tea intake should be reduced considerably. Instead drink green tea for better results.

Apart from this, drink at least nine glasses of water every day, lukewarm or room temperature. Water is necessary to clear toxins from the blood.

Herbal DetoxWhile herbs can be taken at any time, they are most excellent for detoxification when they are taken with a well balanced diet. It is senseless to consume herbs to clean the liver if the large intestine and colon are blocked with waste or refined foods. The liver abandons its contaminants into the bowels and it cannot do so if there is blockage or waste built up.

Although detoxification diets are useful by themselves, they can be complemented with natural herbs, which stimulate the digestive organs.

Here is a basic, simple herbal detox treatment that is known to be very effective:

Early Morning-Mix lemon water with one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar and drink it slowly.

MorningMix drinking water with psyllium husk powder and consume it. Follow it up with an additional glass of water.

MealsTake in three multi-digestive enzymes with the seed of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). This is a liver herb that helps detoxify.

Between -Meals Herbal teas support the liver. A herbal tea, ptisan, or tisane is a concoction made from anything except the leaves of the tea bush.

Please note that  it is mandatory to follow a healthy diet, for the herbs to work optimally.

Detoxification may lead to symptoms of nausea, headaches, and vomiting due to the toxins and contaminants being released from the body. If this happens, one should pull back from the program and then begin again slowly. Advancing too fast with detoxification can actually be harmful as toxins can be released into the blood flow.

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