Can impotence ruin a marriage?

Can impotence ruin a marriage?

Can impotence ruin a marriage?

Millions of men suffer from impotence and have all sorts of questions regarding this health condition. The most frequently asked question by married men who are impotent is: “Can impotence ruin my marriage?” You need to have a detailed look at the problem before you can find an answer to this question. Impotence is a health condition that is characterised by an inability to achieve and maintain erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Health factors such as diabetes, stress and heart problems can lead to impotence. Apart from these, there are various other factors such as relationship problems, low self esteem and performance anxiety that cause impotence.

Can marriage be ruined?

When a man experiences erectile dysfunction and he is married, his sex life can go for a toss. But contrary to the popular myth, it is not true that all marriages end up in divorces when the male partners are impotent. Sex or intimacy is only one of the many aspects of a relationship. It would be wrong to say that a woman will leave a man if she is not getting enough sex. This problem, combined with other problems, might lead to sourness in a relationship but this problem alone cannot ruin your relationship.


For example, a man with impotence starts believing that he is not worthy enough to make love to his partner and the woman thinks that she is not attractive enough. These problems can have a compounded effect on the whole relationship. Guilt and blame are followed by misunderstanding, which does not lead to any type of solution for this problem. But if the couple understands the problem and supports each other, there are less chances that anything will fall apart. If you are suffering from ED and want to treat it, you can take help of impotence medications such as .

The first step in treating this problem is understanding it. If you get impotence diagnosed properly, it will be better for you and your partner to tackle it effectively. Impotence can be physical or psychological and its treatment depends on the factors causing it. This is why it is important to find a good doctor for proper and effective diagnosis. Once you find a good doctor, you are more likely to be prescribed impotence medications such as Viagra, or . All these medications belong to a group of drugs known as PDE – 5 inhibitors, Viagra being the most popular of all.


This prescription medication is manufactured by Pfizer and since its launch a decade before, it has been on the number one spot in its category. It has helped millions of men treat impotence and achieve faster and stronger erections. If you want to buy Pfizer Viagra, you can order it online from a registered online clinic or a high street drug store. Buying Viagra online will be a better option if you do not want anyone else to know about it. Do not let a small problem like impotence amplify into a big one by ignoring it. Treat it on time and have great sex.

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