Wishful Perfection

Wishful Perfection
Ann Carni

Hi everyone Ann here,

Whoever said you had to be perfect in looks, career, sports, house duties, parenting, cooking, crafts and in our relationships. I’d say that came from someone else or perhaps ourselves, right ? Many people, including myself put unrealistic expectations on ourselves to perform 110% everyday with everything that we do .

No wonder we feel stressed to the max, how can you be perfect, it’s not possible by human nature, that’s wishful thinking.

One thing I’m trying to get right, is to not take myself too seriously and also not take it to heart other peoples opinions of me. I wonder sometimes how someone who doesn’t even know you, can form a opinion/ judgement in a short time-frame of meeting you. How do they know what your past / circumstances are, what your childhood was like, did you grow up with too many rules, did you experience death/divorce of a parent in your childhood. Or worse, physical or mental abuse, were you home alone because both parents worked or out partying all night. And what if your parents didn’t even care or couldn’t be bother with you because they were too busy trying to make a living.

When people criticize others and say they don’t like that person because of looks, gender, race, speech, actions or whatever. It just maybe not be their fault how they turned out and I’m not saying this as a excuse for the person to be rude, obnoxious or rub you up the wrong way. Perhaps the person is ignorant and doesn’t know any better, just angry or filled with resentment and bitterness.

So before you start pointing the finger at anyone because there not perfect in your eyes, look at yourself.

Forgive yourself, your parents, teachers and others because we’re all not perfect and all have made mistakes, I know I have. Writing down on a piece of paper all the people who have hurt you and how they harmed you will help heal you. Then write down all the people you may have hurt unintentionally and then say to yourself “I forgive myself and I let go of all the people who have every hurt me “. Burn or shred the paper and let it all go, trust me you’ll feel a whole lot better. If your angry at someone , you’re only hurting yourself because you are dwelling on that person or situation and they may be clueless to anything. Everytime your angry or stressed those cells in your body are becoming toxic, so wouldn’t it be more healthy to just love yourself and express happy thoughts, you will feel a whole lot better.

As I said it’s not humanly possible to be perfect, so ask yourself ” why am I striving and stressing just to please others ? “

Other people don’t walk in your shoes, it’s none of their business and if they are in your business whose looking after theres, they shouldn’t tell you how to run your life.

Perfection is wishful thinking, so give

yourself a break and don’t be so hard on

yourself and others.

Blessings Ann