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Seems as though everyone is either on a diet or weight loss plan or wants to be on one. You most likely hear about one every single day, right? The sad truth is that in reality most of us that are not on one - should be. So let’s look at a few and see what they are about, okay? Basically by most professional standards, the bulk of all weight loss plans today have one working theory, calories in and calories out. In order to actually lose weight, you must either take in fewer calories than you put out or exercise the difference away. (For many of us the correct answer is all three...)

The first type is that you count calories and you are encouraged to eat a sensible diet of healthy everyday foods and combine that with exercise. It is a flexible program in the fact that it does not promote eating any special regiment of foods; just limit your intake to a rigid calorie count. This program costs less than most with the elimination of pre-packaged foods, but has a weekly fee, which can add up over time. Usually all these plans have one thing going that really helps the average dieter, a group with which they can identify. For many who struggle with weight problems, having others in that fight helps them proceed and obtain better results.

The next type is a pre-packaged food plan we mentioned above. In these plans you purchase food, which is in pre-measured packages, that only have a certain amount of calories available. Normally there will be shakes and bars for snacks and a dinner consisting of a pre-determined amount of calories. The weight loss on these plans are predictable and reliable, but a few months of this and many dieters quit as soon as the plan ends. It generally offers not that many varieties and dieter often tire of the foods quickly. The cost of these plans is also very expensive.

The next weight loss plan is the diet book plans. There are a number of these on the market and many people use them. There are some very solid plans out there and the only bad thing you can say about these weight loss plans is that they have literally no support system to help you achieve your goal. This is one of those things you have to do alone. With the calorie counter plans you are usually part of a group. With the pre-packaged plans, you don’t have to watch anything if you stay within the plan as all your food is pre-measured. We wish you good luck with whatever plan you take on and stay with it, you can achieve your goal if you are persistent!

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