The Men's Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts

The Men's Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts

A Leaner, Stronger Body--in 15 Minutes a Day!
Reviewed by: Peter Tsang

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The Review:

The general idea of "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts" is to work the organism in about 15 minutes. Here''s how you do it. You focus on a few key workouts and move rapidly from one workout to another, with mininal rest time between workouts.

Then, you repeat the workouts in a circuit, again with minimal rest. These excercises collaborate on increasing strength, by building muscle and strong bones, thus burning more fat. These excercises emphasize getting a lean strong organism, rather than bodybuilding, and is, therefore, not a basic bodybuilding book. In the number and variety of excercises, "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts" is impressive.

It contains 78 excercises, all 15-minutes long. Some excercises are bodyweight or require dumbbells. Others use a pull-up bar, a barbell, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, a stability (swiss or large) ball, an workout band (tubing), a foam roller, a jump rope, a Bosu, a bench, a cable machine, a step, and so on. Instruction and workouts for each of the excercises vary, but in basic, one may do a circuit of 3 to 7 relatively intense workouts, with little or no rest between each workout.

Then, rest for 60 between each circuit. Finally, repeat 2 more circuits. All workout pictures are big and in color, clearly showing their positions, with descriptions. ~~~here''s a detailed list of the 78 excercises or workout plans.

I have listed the workouts for a few of the excercises. Total Organism Workoutsbodyweight exercises1. Beginner: strength and agility Workoutjudo Pushupseesaw Lungewall Slideplank reach2. Intermediate: your organism is your barbell 1y Squatspider-man Pushupsquat and jump Combosingle-leg romanian Deadliftspider-man lunge3.

Intermediate: your organism is your barbell 2: (bench or step Used)squattucked-elbow pushup5-second forward Lungestepupjump4. Advanced: belly off. No sport gym classic 1: (bench or step and a pull-up bar Used)shoulder press Pushupsingle-leg bench Getupmountain Climberwide-grip Pushupinverted row5. Advanced: belly off. no-gym classic 2: (bench, big ball, & a pull-up bar Used)front-foot elevated split Squatwalking offset Pushupstability ball leg Curlsingle-leg hip Raisechinupdumbbell workouts6. The single: dumbbell blast exercise 1woodchopperarms-out Squatstanding Pressouttowel row7.

The buildup: dumbbell blast exercise 2straight-leg Deadliftthrustersbent-over Rowsquat thrust8. Quickly and furious: dumbbell blast exercise 3incline bench Pressone-arm Snatchseated calf Raisechest-supported Rowdumbbells, a barbell, and/or a barbell plate used. Muscle definer exercise 110.

Muscle definer exercise 211. Classic Powerlifter Workoutjump rope used. 12. Total-body stress-buster Workoutfat Burning Workoutsdumbbells, barbell, and other functions used.

You''re melting: A14. You''re melting: Bone dumbbell used. 15.

Strength, stamina, speed, and Sweatpull-up bar, dumbbells, and other functions used. 16. Superhero Workoutdumbbells, bench and big ball used. 17.

Supersweat Supersetsabs & Core Workoutsmedicine ball and one dumbbell used. 18. No crunch core Workoutmedicine ball and other functions used. 19.

Six pack abs exercise 1large ball, slanted bench, and pull-up bar used. 20. Six pack abs exercise 2dumbbells used. 21.

Obliques obliterator Workoutmix of functions used. Bodyweight excercises likely. 22. Create your own 15-minute core workout: select 5 out of 19 workouts to add your own excercises.

Shoulders And Armsdumbbells, bench and slanted bench used. 23. Dumbbell total arms Workoutconcentrated Curlseated triceps Extensionwrist Curlalternating grip hammer Curlcross-shoulder Extensionstanding Scaptionbarbell, slanted bench, and cable machine used. 24.

Arms and Dangerousbarbell, dummbells, cable machine and bench used. 25. Deltoid Definer Workoutdumbbells and barbell used. 26.

Shoulders and arms combo 1dumbbells and cable machine used. 27. Shoulders and arms combo 2dumbbells, rowing station, and slanted bench used. 28.

Shoulders and arms combo 3chest And Backdip bars, barbell, bench, dumbbell, and barbell plate used. 29. Chest pound exercise 1dipbarbell bench Pressincline dumbbell Flyseated Single-arm third-party Rotationsingle-arm dumbbell Rowweighted Pushupdumbbell, bench, cable machine, dip bar, and pull-up bar used. 30.

Chest pound exercise 2barbell, squat rack, dumbbells, and pull-up bar used. 31. Back attack Workoutbodyweight workouts. No equipment used.

Strong and Steadycable machine, dumbbells, bench, and squat rack used. 33. Chest and back Combobodyweight and Trx suspension straps used.

Ideal pushup circuit 1box and medicine ball used. 35. Ideal pushup circuit 2bosu, bench, and box used.

Ideal pushup circuit 3lower Organism Workoutsdumbbells, barbell, big ball, and bench used. 37. Flat butt Fixdumbbells and big ball used.

Iron glute Workoutdumbbells and barbell used. 39. Ready for Liftoffdumbbells and other functions used.

Total lower organism Blastcones and boxes used. 41. Lower organism leaps and Boundsbench and circular band used.

Defend your Assetssuperfast Cardio: High Intensity Interval Trainingbasically, go quickly for short periods of time, to burn more calories. Treadmill workouts43. Exercise 1: speed demon44.

Exercise 2: Hiit the Hillsrunning workouts45. Exercise 1: dash it off46. Exercise 2: flying Lapscycling workouts47. Exercise 1: Lance Armstrong48.

Exercise 2: rolling Hillselliptical workout49. Boredom Beaterswimming workout50. Interval Medleyjump rope workout51. Skipper 2special Gear Workouts52.

Kettlebell exercise 153. Kettlebell exercise 254. Workout band exercise 155. Workout band exercise 256.

Medicine ball exercise 157. Medicine ball exercise 258. Stability ball exercise 1 (large or Swiss ball)59. Stability ball exercise 260.

Sandbag exercise 161. Sandbag exercise 2improving Your Stamina Excercises (actually called better-sex excercises in the Book)dumbbells used. 62. Stamina Workoutone dumbbell used.

Over the top Workoutstability ball used. 64. Man on a mission workout65.

Pretzel position Workoutdumbbells and a sandbag used. 66. Four on the floor Workouthealing Workoutsdumbbells, stability ball, cable machine, and slanted bench used. 67.

Shoulder stretch and Strengthenone dumbbell used. 68. Knee Saverbodyweight workouts. No equipment needed.

Lower back Boosterbox or step used. 70. Age eraser workout71.

Foam roller Workoutsports Workoutsdumbbells and medicine ball used. 72. Golf Workoutdumbbells and low step used. 73.

Tennis Workoutbosu, dumbells, step, medicine ball, and barbell used. 74. Ski and snowboard Workoutbarbell, bench, step, and plate used. 75.

Running race Workouthyperextension station used. 76. Triathlon Workoutdumbells, bench, and step used. 77.

Cycling Workoutdumbells used. 78. Basketball Workout~~~i did exercise #3 (bodyweight) and I was breathing heavily during the workout and I did a modified edition of exercise #7 (dumbell blast 2) and it was intense and made me sweat. I loved the concept of 15 minute excercises and I liked "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts".

~~~if you liked "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts", try the women''s edition of this 15-minutes book. This demonstrates more bodyweight and dumbbell excercises. If you wish just bodyweight workouts, (with no equipment), get "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts", You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Workouts by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark. This is impressive in the range of workouts which, again, do not require equipment.

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