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The Healthy Woman A Book Review

I was very excited when approached to review The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages.  Why? Well, basically because I am a woman and as well as the fact that there arent many books available that have information about womens health.

This book, The Healthy Woman was extremely informative.  The format used for this book is perfect in explaining in words that are comprehensible as well as photographs.  The book is broken down into several categories from diseases such as Heart Disease and Autoimmune Diseases to Pregnancy and Mental Health.  The information contained is well researched and easy to read.

This is a complete guide that every woman should own.  It is one that can be used everyday from tips to staying fit and healthy to answers in managing conditions that are common to women.

There are many times that we, as women will experience health issues or will have questions about our health.  I, for one do not want to go to the medical doctor with all my questions and concerns and this book is a great resource.   It is great for all ages from infant to the golden years.

Pros:  I was very impressed with the information contained in this book and would definitely recommend it to others.

Cons:  Although this book was very thorough, I do believe it was written from a medical view.  There are many medical alternative methods now available and although it was slightly touched upon it would have been a pleasant surprise to see more research on those methods.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to review this book and as mentioned above it is one that every woman should have.  This book is available at Amazon books and Barnes and Noble.

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Awesome! i went out and bought this book. Its Great!

follow me on my weight loss journey!

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