Success stories show how effective the

Success stories show how effective the

Success stories show how effective the ultrasound liposuction can be. Of course doctors can promise wonderful results and paint the picture of new shape, but usually there is still some hesitation before making a final decision.

It always helps to talk to the people who went through the procedure and achieved the results we are looking for.

Regular liposuction procedures entered mainstream many years ago, In early days this was a new technique to re-shape human body to improve appearance. This field of medicine was still in experimental stages so the results varied. Often they have been exaggerated by media which always results in raising doubts among the public.

Statistically there will always be a number of complications or sometimes even victims of medical negligence, but that does not mean it will happen to us. Comparing to typical plastic surgery, liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure. Liposuction tools enter the body through very small incisions and operate only between the skin and muscle tissue.

Fat and some blood are the only things that get removed and no other organs are touched. Specific solutions are in place to control the bleeding.

Nowadays mild sedation and local anaesthesia allows the patient to stay awake and actually cooperate with the doctor. The surgery is very fast and so is the recovery time, no more lengthy stays at the hospital. One night is enough to make sure the patient feels good to be released. In case of patients with extensive liposuction the hospital stay may take longer.

In case of small amounts of removed fat tissue the patient may return to normal life after a day or two. When the patient gets back home they don’t have to stay in bed as there is no risk of opening wounds.

It is normal that people who want to use this procedure will look for testimonials from real patients. Seeing the images of before and after the procedure truly works on imagination.

The recovery will require some patience due to some pain involved in initial stages. Later the swelling may disappear at different rates and sometimes to enjoy full results it will take a few months.

People often consider liposuction as a tool, not a final solution. To maintain the best results it takes discipline of keeping the diet and exercising on regular basis. It’s nothing difficult after a while, but it is something people need to incorporate into their new lifestyle.

The best testimonials often come from persons who achieved extraordinary results. In the end it is always worth it, providing everything works as it supposed to.

Often the most important change, related to liposuction, happens on mental level. People find new confidence from increased feeling of self-worth, their self image is improved and they face daily challenges with a different attitude than they used to. Social life improves and new opportunities follow.

For most of patients liposuction is a big step into the unknown. Modification of the body is still a tabu in many cultures, and bad press from early days does not make the justice to the modern liposuction methods.