Healthy Tips Podcast 26: Gluten Free Living Dr. Mommy Health Tips

Healthy Tips Podcast 26: Gluten Free Living  Dr. Mommy Health Tips

Healthy Tips Podcast 26: Gluten Free Living

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Welcome to Episode 26 of Healthy Tips Podcast. This weekly podcast will provide you with quick on the go information for better health and living. I am very excited to bring this podcast to you and I promise the episodes will not be long at all but you will learn a great deal about taking care of yourself and your family.

I am looking forward to bringing more tips every week that you can download and listen to 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the comfort of your computer or MP3 player. If you feel the need to just listen from the site, you can do that too. Just know that if you do you can’t divert from the page or else you will lose the audio and will have to start all over again.

On todays podcast we welcome our guest Lindy Clark, an author and someone who lives many food allergies, including gluten.  Below is more information on Lindy Clark.

There is no question that Lindy Clark is living a life driven by the wind. Since leaving her childhood home in Green Bay, WI in 1977 she along with her husband of almost 33 years, has moved 17 times. In 1976, while at Evangel University in Springfield, MO she met her husband Don. Because of frequent illnesses and almost no money, she and her husband left college and moved to Mineral Ridge, OH her husbands home town. There they began a life of extremes.

As a teenager and now a new bride Lindy had been in a struggle with what is known as anorexia nervosa. She recalls, It was when I heard about the death of Karen Carpenter that I realized I had the same problem. The divorce of her parents at the age of 12 had taken an unseen toll on her. No one really knew that she was struggling with such things, not even her husband. After two years of marriage their daughter Kristen was born. On the day she was born Lindy gained the final pound that the doctor insisted she gain. These were not really happy times for her.

The hidden secrets of anorexia nervosa were never really exposed to anyone except a couple of close friends and later her husband. The condition was complicated by the birth of her daughter. A 3 year post-partum depression descended on her like a cloud. Although she had gone for counseling there was no real sustained healing. In 1991, after 20 years of suffering in silence, she finally found healing through the prayers of faithful caring friends. From that point on the battle was no longer raging on the inside. Now she was free. The residual effects of anorexia are still with her, but it no longer controls her life.

During these last 33 years Lindy has developed several talents. She sews most of her own clothes, and the window and bedding treatments for her home. Since her teenage years she has taught flute and piano lessons. The past 9 years she and her husband operated D & L Studios. The studio averaged about 100 students per week. Music instruction is given for all ages in piano, flute, voice and trumpet.

Lindy also loves to cook and bake. She began cooking for her family at age 10. As time went by she picked up tips from her grandmother Minnie and her husbands grandmother Clara. The pleasure of baking increased as she took on various roles. When her husband began church ministry her role as dessert maker took a whole new meaning. Soon people were requesting that she bring her desserts to the many functions associated with being the wife of a pastor. Whenever there has been a special party or function to attend, she would be asked, would you bring a dessert? This she has done and always reaped the reward of great comments. When Lindy was diagnosed with allergies to wheat, eggs, dairy and soy the panic set in. What would I cook? What would I bake?

It was then she discovered the gluten-free world. But the breads at the store were expensive and tasted bad. Desserts were worse. In 2008 she began experimenting with gluten-free flours. In February of 2009 she started to record her recipes made with GF flour and by November of 2009 published her first cookbook, Lindys Gluten-Free Goodies and More. The wind was beginning to change and with it the direction of her familys life.

On Thanksgiving weekend 2009 Lindy and her husband Don relocated to High Point, NC. This move brought them close to their only child Kristen and her husband Joe. Now, she has the ability to create a new cookbook and develop a gluten-free baking school.

Lindy is a wife, mother, music teacher, choir director, youth leader, seamstress, amateur actress and now a 5 star gluten-free cook book author.

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This has really got me to thinking about bunch of possibilities. Thanks for that.

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