Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews and Feedback

Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews and Feedback

A lot has been made in the media lately about the green coffee bean extract and its weight loss powers. The height of the media hoopla came shortly after famous television personality—and world-renowned doctor—Dr. Oz touted a study showing that green coffee bean extracts were weight loss miracles. Whether this is true or not is still being rigorously debated in the medical industry, but one thing is certain—for those who have embraced green coffee bean extracts as a weight loss supplement, the results don’t lie.

But will green coffee bean extracts work for everyone trying to lose weight? And if so, what are the side effects of the extract—if any? These questions need a lot more answering, so we took to the review boards to see if green coffee bean extract in supplemental form is worth the price. Here’s what we found.

What are Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans, the only difference being that they are not roasted before the weight loss element is extracted. While the common misconception is that it’s the caffeine in the coffee bean that causes the weight loss, it’s actually an element called chlorogenic acid. This chlorogenic acid isn’t present in the coffee beans that you buy at the store and you certainly won’t gain from its benefits simply by drinking a cup of joe—it’s the roasting process that removes this acid from the bean.

This means that in order to get the supposed weight loss properties out of the green coffee bean, the chlorogenic acid must be extracted before the beans are roasted. Roasting coffee beans does a number of things to the bean, mostly removing impurities and releasing aroma and taste pods. But is this “impurity” really the key to weight loss? Some critics remain skeptical.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped studies from going forward that proclaim that the chlorogenic acid extracted from the green coffee beans slows down the release of glucose in the body. Glucose is released most often right after a meal. Taking chlorogenic acid that is extracted from the green coffee beans promotes weight loss, apparently without any dietary changes or additional exercise.

But how true is this?

What Scientific Researchers Have Found about Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

So far, the results seem to point towards the conclusions put forth by proponents of chlorogenic acid extract being right on the money. There have been quite a few studies conducted, all of which confirm the validity of the claims made by people like Dr. Oz, who back the theory that green coffee bean extract helps you lose weight.

One of the most telling study’s findings were announced at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania conducted a study which took 16 people who are medically classified as overweight or obese, and gave them capsules of green coffee bean extract. The individuals were split into three control groups. One group was given a low dosage of green coffee bean extract, one group was given a high dosage of green coffee bean extract, and the final group was given a placebo. None of the individuals in the study knew which supplement they were taking (high dose, low dose, no dose) and none of them made any dietary changes or exercise increases over the 22 weeks during which the trials lasted.

Thirty minutes before each meal, each subject took the pill assigned to their group and changed nothing else about their lifestyle. The results were that the groups taking the green coffee bean extract containing chlorogenic acid lost an average of 17 pounds. This equated to an average of 10% loss of total body weight. More importantly, this body weight that was lost represented a 16% loss in total body fat.

But perhaps even more significantly, the participants in the trial study were on an average diet of 2,400 calories per day. On average, they only burned 400 of these calories per day through exercise. That means that there was an excess of 2,000 calories not being burned, something that would not result in weight loss, but rather weight gain. Of course, since weight loss did occur, it holds true that something caused it—that something, scientists say—is the green coffee bean extract.

Further Studies Conducted

Of course, one study does not a miracle prove—the prestigious Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal took notice of the promise this glucose blocker brings diabetics. Setting up their own twelve week study, the results were even more strongly in favor of the validity of chlorogenic acid’s claims. During the three-month test trial, participants lost an astounding 17 pounds on average. This was an even shorter time period than the first trials, plus, participants overate an average of 400 additional calories per day.

Green coffee bean extract really works.

Are there any Side Effects of Green coffee Bean Extract?

With such promising and dramatic weight loss results, the only thing that could seemingly sideline the green bean coffee supplement movement that is already underway, are side effects. Luckily for the industry—and for those who want to lose weight quickly and naturally without doing any extra work—chlorogenic acid has been shown to have zero side effects. Still, it’s highly advisable for those thinking about taking green coffee bean extract to follow a few simple ground rules:

• Always buy FDA standard Chlorogenic Acid

• Make sure there are no fillers or binding chemicals (nasty things that cause stomach pain)

• Take at least 400 mg per serving

• Make sure the bottle is labeled as 100% natural

Following these basic rules will guarantee that you get a natural, safe a fast way to lose weight. Of course, you’ll also want to do some price comparison, but to be sure that you get the best quality green coffee bean extract at the lowest prices around, always trust your source. Click here right now to get the most trusted source of green coffee bean chlorogenic acid supplement at a very special introductory price.