Goodbye from MCPP . . . and hello from our new ventures

Goodbye from MCPP . . . and hello from our new ventures

December 31, 2010 marked the end of MCPP and retirement of our colleague Barbara Mauer.

Dale, Diane, Marni, John, Linda, George, Shelly and all of our other associates continue to work and collaborate in various new forms, with several of us continuing to share office space in a new Seattle location. For MCPP related issues, please send a message to info [at]

Dale Jarvis continues his focus on improving how mental health and substance use treatment services are organized and paid for at the local, state and national levels. Recognizing that healthcare reform will fundamentally alter nearly all aspects of healthcare in the United States, Dale is striving to make sure that Americans with mental health and substance use disorders and the organizations that serve them are included and supported as reform unfolds. Dale has formed Dale Jarvis and Associates, LLC. He can be contacted at dale [at] and found online at

Marni Mason has formed MarMason Consulting LLC and continues working with state, local and tribal health departments to improve the quality of planning and work processes, teaching QI methods and facilitating quality improvement (QI) teams throughout the United States. As the PHAB begins accreditation in 2011, Marni is working to help state and local health departments prepare for accreditation. She and Shelly Smith also continue to work with health plans to prepare for NCQA surveys. Please continue to contact Marni at marni [at]

Diane Altman Dautoff continues her work on creating high performing teams, systems change, strategic planning and local and regional health system improvements. She and Marni are conducting another performance review cycle for the Washington State Standards for Public Health. Diane’s work will increasingly focus on building individual and collective resilience and enhancing collaborative skills for successful planning and sustainable implementation. Diane has formed Diane Altman Dautoff Consulting. She can be reached at diane [at] and found online at