Disease of Depression" Health and Beauty

Disease of Depression

Our young guys are perplexed and embarrassed by the

disease of Depression. Remunerative endeavours and meritorious exertions

are rendered by investing the amount of million rupees over medicine

for the impediment and prevention of Depression. And this disease is

assuming such a perilous and hazardous form as it looks like an

intangible epidemic. There is my friend who is also in search of the

cure for "Stress" or "Depression" so that the people may be escaped from

this obnoxious disease. Two days ago, when I presented my intricacy to

him then he replied, "can you convince the patient of Depression to make

the futile gossips once or twice in a day?". That is to say meaningless

conversation same as we used to make frivolous gossips in childhood

purposelessly. Have you ever heard about any child who is suffering from

Depression? Children do not indulge in this disease due to remaining

engaged in their childish pursuits (means purposeless confabulation)

whole the day. Man suffers from Depression when he opts surplus

solitude. Here is the only way to rescue from this disease: refrain from

solitude; eat eleven almonds early in the morning before taking food;

and drink one glass of parboiled milk at night. INSHA ALLAH ! Your

health would begin to recover after some days. This recipe is better

than the medicine that is worth to million rupees.http;//www.mianhealthyandbeauty.com

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