Diet For Diverticulitis

Diet For Diverticulitis

Have you tried different medications to escape diverticulitis but failed? If that is the case then you must check your diet plan as you might be lacking right there. Diverticulitis patients find it hard to get rid of this disease. It is majorly due to inaccurate diet plan. When the diet is not correct the digestive system doesn''t recovers from inflammation and development of sacs outside colon. Diverticulitis is treated with surgery in severe cases.

Healthy diet is the only solution for diverticulitis patients. There is no other way to completely heal from this disease. All you need to do is to maintain low residual diet. It helps in reducing the stress level being put on colon. On the other hand, high fiber diet can further damage your internal system by causing extreme inflammation.

Diet for Diverticulitis

It''s good to eat those food items which are easily accepted by your digestive system. Food which may be easily digested by another individual might not be accepted by your digestive system so eat those meals which are favorable for you. Low fiber diet is the key here as it prevents more pressure to be applied on colon.

How to Designing a Diet for Diverticulitis?

Your diet for diverticulitis should be based on consuming least amount of fiber. By keeping this factor under consideration you are required to include the following items in your daily intake: vegetable juices, fruit juices (except prune juice), few dairy products, eggs, meat, potatoes, lettuce, eggplant, carrots, banana, grapes, peach, watermelon and plain cereals. It is good to drink a lot of fresh juice.

The above diet for diverticulitis can prove effective only if the following items are completely ignored by the patient: spices, spicy food, junk food, nuts, seeds, berries, raisins and whole grains.

You can slowly move towards health with consumption of diet based on the above mentioned food items . Don''t emphasize on increasing the intake of fiber at once when you start to feel better. Increase the intake of fiber only when you are declared completely fit by a doctor.