atkins diet sample menu

atkins diet sample menu

atkins diet sample menu

Diet blogs: Muscle madness

The following two blogs touch upon weight lifting and the benefits of the sport. Stacey Rae blossomed from a 150-pound softy to a 140-something hard body. Shawn incorporates weights into her daily routine, yet still has 48 pounds to lose.

Both are serious about weight lifting and write with a unique edge.

Her Muscle Fetish

What originated for Stacey Rae as a place to post about her plans to enter a Body for Life challenge, slowly morphed into a muscle-laden photofest that encompasses everything from a diet log to "cheat meals." "We made some dietary changes yesterday so I could have a cheat meal tonight, and let me tell you, yesterday was TUFF, but since I am TUFFER then the rest, I made it! I feel like I can do anything! "

Stacey Roe is a bulldog when it comes to lifting and perfecting her body style.

Evidence-Based Guidelines Needed for Diabetes Diet

Monday I featured an online segment of dLife TV that highlighted the two sides of the debate about which type of dietary recommendation someone diagnosed with type II diabetes should receive. On one side we have those who feel recommending a low-carb diet, and thus advising a radical dietary modification, is an exercise in futility - either because the patient cannot or will not limit carbohydrate to control their disease; on the other side we have researchers publishing study after study with statistically significant improvements and physicians and healthcare professionals already making the recommendation to use a low-carb diet, who insist that when patients "see the pay off they stick with it."In the comments, Kevin Dill, who follows a low-carb diet himself, asked a good question:I guess my only question is which definition of a low carb diet are we going to use?? While Dr Atkins has provided the most popluar version, is it any better than Protein Power, South Beach, the Zone, or any of the other of myriad interpretations of low carb when it comes to controlling blood sugar?.

Community attitudes to diet and exercise key

Government moves to regulate the food sold in school canteens to address growing obesity rates will only succeed if community attitudes towards diet and exercise change, PPTA president Debbie Te Whaiti said today.

She said the Government’s package of school-based initiatives was laudable and built on existing initiatives such as health promoting schools (HPS).

“PPTA supports the idea of healthier food in canteens, a youth forum, student health promotion and lifestyle ambassadors to encourage healthier eating, and support for teachers to strengthen and improve food and nutrition education.

“We are also pleased that the school initiatives form part of a wider campaign to address obesity, Mission On.

“There are ever increasing expectations on teachers and schools to address a wide range of community problems within the school gates.

Gluten-Free And Tasty

When Kara Mansfield was diagnosed with celiac disease nearly 20 years ago, she was discouraged not so much because it meant eliminating foods such as wheat bread and pasta from her diet but because the alternatives were so unappetizing.

"Health-food stores sometimes had gluten-free products like rice bread and rice pasta," said the Windsor resident, whose autoimmune intestinal disorder is triggered by a gluten intolerance. "The bread was frozen solid, and the rice pasta would be in boxes that looked like they had been on the shelves forever. You could find things online, but there weren''t many, they didn''t taste very good and they were expensive." Attempts to find gluten-free recipes for sweets such as cookies and cakes traditionally made with the forbidden wheat flour was difficult, and even when she did, it was nearly impossible to find the ingredients the recipes called for.

Diet blogs: Low-carb blogging is contagious

Low-carb living is popular but controversial. The bloggers showcased today have found success, motivation, and passion through living a low-carb lifestyle. In turn, they use that passion to help motivate others while attempting to dispel myths about the low-carb diet.

Livin'' La Vida Low-Carb

Jimmy Moore has lost close to 200 pounds. Described by a fellow diet blogger as "the Subway Jared of Atkins," his success inspired him to publish his own book, Livin'' La Vida Low-Carb.

Jimmy includes countless references, low-carb facts, and interviews in his blog. People looking for low-carb information will find a bountiful supply of facts and figures, along with information on fellow low-carb bloggers.

The entry, "Links to Low-Carb Articles I Have Written," links to several motivating articles written by Jimmy.

Five Dieting Myths

You''ve probably heard that certain foods can help you burn calories or that snacking when on a diet is always a bad idea. It turns out these are just myths. Dr. Mallika Marshall dropped by The Saturday Early Show to help dispel five common weight loss misconceptions. Myth No. 1: You must always voice fast food. Gone are the days when all you could get a fast food restaurant was a burger and fries. Fortunately, fast food chains now offer a variety of healthier options like salads, chicken sandwiches and fruit. So instead of ordering a burger, try one of those. If you order chicken, make sure it''s grilled and not fried. If you get a salad, ask for the dressing on the side and avoid creamy ones that are loaded with calories. And instead of getting a shake or a soda, get a diet soda or a bottle of water.