What is my weight loss target heart rate?

What is my weight loss target heart rate?

Question about: weight loss heart rate

What is my weight loss target heart rate?

Im 23 year old female 5 3 145lbs, at 26% body fat what should my target heart rate be for weight loss??? in addition how much carido should I be doing everyday and for how long?

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Answer by sierra_shadow
There has been tons of research on this very question and all experts have their own opinions. But it does seem to me that if you get your heart rate as close to your maximum heart rate and you can handle, for just a few minutes, it raises your metabolism all day. This will keep you burning more fat for many hours after your workout than you would have burned if you had done a low heart rate work out for an hour. It is called interval training. Now you can do a web search on interval training for weight loss.

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