Pet Insurance Quotes - the Basics

Pet Insurance Quotes - the Basics

Before committing to buying an insurance policy for any type of pet it is important to obtain several pet insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. It is also important to understand the basics about these quotes and carefully review and compare them. Any quote you receive will depend on the features of the plan selected and the information you provide about your pet.

Although a pet insurance provider will almost certainly offer different plans, each one will have specific characteristics and these can be grouped into general categories that can make the selection process easier to understand. These are medical illnesses, injury or accident, specialized treatment, and routine care.

Pet Medical Illness

For most pet owners, one of the most important considerations is addressing the potentially high costs of veterinary treatments and procedures for treating medical illnesses. If your pet dog or cat were to contract a disease and require treatment, the costs can escalate quickly.

Obtaining pet insurance beforehand for illnesses that are medically related can reduce the amount of money paid to veterinaries by a large degree. In other words, it may be only necessary and depending on your policy, to provide a small percentage of the total fee, yet still entitle your pet to receive the full medical treatments that the insurance benefits can provide.

Pet Injuries or Accidents

Many pet lovers will also consider insuring their pet in the event of an injury or accident, which may be less likely to occur than a medical illness, but potentially more damaging and possibly more expensive to treat.

The likelihood of a pet being injured or involved in an accident is somewhat dependent on their behavior and as a pet owner, how you let them behave. For example, if you let your cat outside, then this may make them more prone and susceptible to injury as opposed to if you constantly kept them within the interior of your home.

Specialized Care for Pets

In some circumstances, whether caused by an accident or contraction of an illness, a pet may require highly specialized care, such as surgery, medical scans, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy for incidents such as pet cancer.

As with people, special care of this nature may require time, patience and can involve substantial costs. An advantage of selecting an option for specialized care is that most difficulties encountered for your pet are probably covered. This provides a degree of assurance by knowing that by engaging in this coverage, your pet is more likely to survive a dramatic event and be with you longer.

Routine Care for Pets

Additionally, there is the consideration of routine care and preventative maintenance for your pet. This can involve periodic vaccinations, checkups, prescription medications, dental checkups or cleaning, and even perhaps what most consider as simple grooming.

For some pet owners, this may save some money over a longer period of time, but it is usually considered to be optional and not widely embraced due to the likely infrequent but additional costs.

What is likely misunderstood is that routine pet care may save you more money than its costs. For example, a routine care check for your pet may involve a dental checkup. What if a pet were to develop a problem with their teeth but not discovered earlier. It may cost far more to address the problem than the cost of a pet insurance dental plan.

Pet Insurance Categories

Across all of the above four categories, medical illnesses, injury or accident, specialized care and routine care, there are aspects that may overlap. For example, regardless of whether a pet contracts a disease or received an injury resulting from an accident, they may require special care, a hospital stay, surgery, an MRI scan and even prescription medication.

There may also be additional required visits to ensure their state of health as a component of regular care. An important consideration is to understand the difference between the categories presented and how to address them in the best way.

Pet Insurance Benefits and Features

Most pet insurance providers will address these categories, scale their insurance plan prices accordingly and provide you with a quote for any particular plan chosen. Some pet policies will be more costly than others based on the plan available and the features provided for each type of plan.

There are many more features of a potential pet care insurance plan than there are with respect to the four categories presented above. Any characteristic or feature of a plan can cross over into another type.

Regardless of the pet insurance company, the price quotes that they provide will be related to the four categories presented above. The difference between these companies will not only be based on the costs of the plans that they promote, but also the features or characteristics included within them.

In all cases, obtaining a pet insurance quote begins with understanding what you are willing to provide for your pet and learning how pet insurance can provide a mechanism for you to avoid the possibly high costs of caring for your pet in the best way possible.

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