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Just another WordPress siteThu, 31 May 2012 02:29:47 +0000enhourly1 To Masturbate?, 30 Mar 2012 07:08:12 +0000Bharath“What does this masturbation mean”? It is a term to indicate self-stimulation. No one has to demonstrate how to masturbate. Masturbating is a sex that is least to talk about. It comes as quite common in men and women. Most men masturbate by rubbing their penis with hand –first slowly and then more energetically; women do it by rubbing clitoris with the middle finger or index finger. Frequent and too much masturbation depends in men may make it a problematic to orgasm, in other words, to say interfering with their healthy sexual life.

What are the factors that make most men develop masturbation dependencies? There are mainly two present factors that make masturbation as an alternative sex:

Bad Economy: This is playing a key role to make most of the guys difficult to get jobs and so sits at home, boringly. This situation makes them masturbate frequently.

Internet Porn: Now days viewing porn movies or videos has become easily accessible and normal activity made by most of the guys, this develops an enormous pressure on guys to masturbate. A more frequent watch may cause problems in the sexual relationship with their partners like premature ejaculation and delay ejaculation or retarded ejaculation’.

How to identify that he is a masturbate dependent?

• During sex, taking a long time to reach peak stage

Gals, if you notice these symptoms then it’s in your hands to make him come out of this world and perform a healthy sex.

Tell him that too much masturbation can be problematic for orgasm, and he is not only the person doing it; this makes him show more interest to talk about this openly. Tell him that masturbation is safe but not totally safe.

Explain him clearly that finishing the sex is healthy for him, and you will be ready to have sex with him at any time or more frequently. This makes him motivated and successively comes out in the way you desire. To get the perfect solution for your problem seek help of a sex therapist.

]]> Intelligence Tips, 29 Mar 2012 05:42:01 +0000Prabha to enjoy the time during sex? Here, are my views on sexual intelligence that I would like to reveal with the readers for a happy and satisfying sex.

Having sex after getting tired is a worse time for your sexual appeal. The point is sex that takes place naturally when tired does not permit content, quality and regularity of the experience. Giving or spending a chief time for your main things(like working for a long time, spending time with social networks like twitter, Facebook, etc., watching TV, friends, hobbies, house hold works and so on) makes tired when comes to sex environment.

Following normal sex is awkward. All these things affect your life and get one pursue sex, not for much time, routine, lack of playfulness. Using a lotion or contraception to overcome these problems may look like more troubling. Lack of energy is also a key factor that makes most people not to take much interest in playful sex.

Now the question is how a normal sex does is different from cheerful and playful sex. Here, are some facts that seen in a routine sex.

The most common feature of Inelegance and self-consciousness are Limited Communication, painful sex, Limited sex, unhappy sex, unsure about the likes and dislikes of the partner, believing by her that his erection problem reflects on her, keeping masturbation secret, and finally difficulty in maintaining birth control.

Apart from the busy life health, problems play a key role in affecting your sexual life. Like many others, one might also play a regular sex then it is time to Start to realize and Change things for a happy desire. It is all the beauty of sex that matters.

It is not the complete reality as we said that happens in normal sex. As said above it is a vision of sex that matters like perfect environment, performance, and nothing too unusual.

Start thinking in a new way about sex and he/she will be the one among those who have a satisfying sex life.

]]> What To Do Next When One Arrives Home After A Heart Attack?, 21 Mar 2012 10:54:44 +0000Prabha of the patients feel depressed, frightened and angry after a heart attack. However, nothing to fear, proper rehabilitation, makes one to control from these risks and upsurge your life span. Here, is a fundamental article for a heart attack recovery.

The process of heart attack recovery starts after 48 hrs. of heart attack. The heart tissues begin to heal with in few days, and can be discharged from hospital within 7-8days if no complications overcome.

As the day’s passes, once the damaged tissue gets replaced, one can start increasing your actives. By following expert advices, one can even start an exercise without any fear for a speedy recovery, but a steady growth in exercise is helpful for the heart to bring back to its shape.

As a part of your daily life, one can even mount the steps at your home. One can even start walking to regain the lost energy, but always follow your doctor’s advice before doing anything. Take proper rest and healthy sleep.

Avoid lifting or pulling heavy items or objects without taking doctors’ advice. After a heart attack, remember that one should seek doctors’ help to avoid the risk of getting future attacks.

When talking about sex life, one can have sex life like normal, healthy people, but start it slowly first. If anyone faces any complications with sexual life then be free to debate it with your doctor.

Changes in your life will immensely help to reduce the risk of future attacks.

• Control or try to deal with your emotions

What king of food to follow?

Eat a healthy diet that should prevent the further complications after a heart attack.

For a healthy heart, the diet to be followed is as follows.

• Do not get much fat containing food.

• Intake of more vegetables, legumes, whole grains.

• Try to reduce consumption of carbohydrates.

• Take enough of complex carbohydrates for regaining energy.

Medications are prescribed after the heart attack in order to prevent further blood clots, to improve heart’s performance, to improve the cholesterol.

Always keep a record of your tablets and always bring along for every visit to a doctor. It is vital to know what they are for and at what time they have to be taken.

]]> Exactly Is A Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?, 07 Mar 2012 23:06:59 +0000Prabha inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection to reproductive organs in a woman. The upward spreading of infection from cervix to uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and other surrounding parts is called PID. This disease is mostly caused by bacteria through sexual contact and other body discharges.

Is the pelvic inflammatory disease symptoms are same in all the individuals?

The answer is no. these symptoms may vary in different individuals. If the disease is chronic then very hardly we can see the noticeable symptoms. If it is acute then symptoms may vary based on severity and intensity.

The general symptoms associated with this disease are as follows.

• Pain in the lower abdomen. The pain may be with very force or dull pressure.

• If the disease is chronic then there will be continuous mild pain in the patient. If it is acute then patient may become stand less based on the intensity of pain.

• Abnormal Pelvic pain after a sexual intercourse.

• Back pain around liver and kidneys, mild pain in the lower back throughout the menstrual cycle.

• Sometimes irregular menstrual cycles that may be associated with either heavy bleeding or a spot in between menstrual cycle.

• Vaginal discharge which unusual and with a very bad odor.

• Frequently urinating that is sometimes associated with burning sensation while urinating.

• Recurring UIT (urinary tract infections) if infected by bacteria.

• Sometimes the disease is associated with these symptoms that are like flu. They are chills, low to high fever, uneasiness, weakness, fatigue and weakness, low to high fever, feeling uneasy and swollen lymph nodes.

• Infertility due to blockage of fallopian tubes.

In all these cases if symptoms are severe then doctor consultation or being hospitalization is must. If neglected may cause to death also!

]]>“Plan B She Said”, 25 Feb 2012 12:06:58 +0000Prabha about unwanted pregnancy due to skipped contraception? Or a condom broke, which is due to improper usage. Calm down. It’s not so late to take morning-after pills or a week after contraceptive pills. Nevertheless, all you need to know is how to use a condom in a proper way. This will be explained at the end of this article. Before let us know about after condom breakage.

The most important thing that women should not do after an improper usage or unprotected sex is douching. Never douche immediately after a condom break. This may cause the increased risk of pelvic infections. Here is a list of emergency contraceptives that has to use immediately after an unprotected sex.

Plan B She Said: This is the first accepted hormonal emergency contraceptive that can be used within three days after having an unprotected sex and also without any doctor’s prescription if you are above 17 yrs. of age. However, this causes some side effects like nausea, headache, tiredness, breast sensitivity, etc.

Ella one: This is also, an emergency contraceptive that is approved by FDA, in 2010. It works same like the plan B. Only difference is you can take it even after five days of unprotected sex.

Copper IUD: This is a kind of emergency contraceptive to be given or inserted by a doctor within five days of unprotected intercourse. This will be effective for a longer time (nearly about 10 yrs).

All these emergency contraceptives cannot be guaranteed to prevent from pregnancy all the times. So always keep an eye on your pregnancy or go for a test if your period is late for more than a week.

• Use lubricants like KY jelly, which is totally water based

• Always use condoms of proper size.

• Never open condom packet with some sharp things like teeth, keys, etc.

• See the expiry date on condoms before buying.

]]> 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking, 16 Feb 2012 12:21:25 +0000ehealthadvice to stop smoking? It’s a general question that arises for every smoker.

However, you have to know some indigestible facts about the smoking, then it’s up to you to decide whether to stop smoking or not. This article gives some information about the smoking effects.

Let us come to our point that is “reasons to quit smoking.” Here is a list of reasons to avoid smoking.

• First of all, if you are married person, then first thing, you have to do is to stop smoking, and the reason is it causes a great influence over your children like cognitive skills that is linked with the behavior. Furthermore, tooth decay problem, etc.

• Excessive smoking also results to vision problems.

• smoking cause’s seepage of carbon monoxide into our blood, as a result of which carrying of the oxygen to heart, muscles, lungs, etc. is limited.

• Crohn’s disease a very painful, chronic disease is four times more likely to develop in smokers compared to non-smokers.

• after a period of smoking(nearly 8-10yrs), narrowing of skin’s blood vessels takes place and then damages the tissues which give strength and elasticity to the skin. As a result speediness of your skin aging process may occur.

• Smoking effect’s blood circulation, which in turn decreases the blood flow to your genital organs. This directly impacts your sexual life.

• The nicotine that is present in cigar causes sleeps on disturbances as a result you always feel restless even after a night’s sleep… So stop smoking and have a happy sleep.

• It is seen that the bone mineral thickness in women who smoke is likely to decrease when compared to nonsmokers. Therefore, this says that smoking also affects your bone strength.

• smoking also makes decreases your taste on food.

• Premature gray hair is more likely to cause in smokers.

• Children of second hand smokers may suffer with asthma, decreased lung functioning, ear infections, respiratory infections, etc.

• Second hand smoker’s infants are more supposed to expose to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So if you want to your baby to be safe, then avoid smoking.

• An undigested fact is that children of most smokers also show more interest in smoking.

• A person who takes nearly 20 cigars per day has greater chance of developing psoriasis.

• Smoking People with HIV-positive seems to have an earlier development time to AIDS than nonsmokers. The reason for this is the impact of smoking on immune system.

• the fingers of smokers become permanently stained yellow.

]]> Yeast Infection, 16 Feb 2012 11:38:55 +0000Prabha knowing about the Vaginal Yeast Infection, let’s get into a brief awareness on yeast. Do anyone know on how does it come and what are the symptoms, etc.

About yeast: It’s nothing but a simple fungus which is mostly seen in moist areas of the body like vagina, mouth, skin. Scientifically, it is mentioned as Candida.

Overgrowth of a type of fungus called Candida albicans in the vagina causes Vaginal Yeast Infection, also called as candidiasis or vaginal candidiasis or vulvovaginal candidiasis. Due to overgrowth of this fungus in the vagina, makes to discharge, itching, and bad smelling. About, 75% of the women experience’s this infection.

Overgrowth of this fungus may be due to Stress, pregnancy, and illnesses, which cause the immune system upset. Intake of more birth control pills, steroids, chemotherapy, hygiene sprays, tight underwear, changes in hormones, injury to the inner vagina or use of antibiotics, which reduces the protective bacteria and increases the growth of this yeast in the vagina. This can spread to other parts like heart valves, esophagus, etc. Diabetic Girls or women whose blood sugar is very high are more exposed to this infection.

Symptoms of a Yeast Infection in Teenagers

Sometimes the yeast infection symptoms are also seen in men after an intercourse with infected people. However, this doesn’t mean that it is a sexually transmitted disease.

• Pain during intercourse and urination, and

Pelvic examination and Wet mount test is the common test for vaginal discharge. Alternatively, culture test is also done if the treatment does not work.

Microscopic examination of a specimen taken from affected area gives the accurate result to diagnose the disease.

It can be treated by oral suspensions, tablets, and in the form of creams. Topically applied antifungal creams include:

Vaginal tablets which are antifungal include:

Rather than oral medication, vaginal tablets or creams are the best treatment suggested by most of the doctors as it causes fewer side effects when compared to oral medication.

Self-treatment can be done at home if the infection is very mild, and if you are not a pregnant. The medicines include:

As said” prevention is better than cure,” it’s best to take preventive measures rather than going for a treatment. The preventive measures to be taken are:

• stop cleaning genital area with soap always clean it with warm water and keep the place dry.

• always use condoms to avoid the transmission of disease.

• avoid tight underwear’s which may cause sweating and use only cotton panties.