Courses Offered

Courses Offered
Courses Offered

M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

We have two year M. Sc. Biotechnology degree programme with an intake of 20 students. For admission, the students from all over the country appear for the entrance examination conducted by the Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur. The main premise in the teaching programme has been emphasis on practical training in all the important fields of Biotechnology.

The M. Sc. programme in Biotechnology consists of 100 credit courses to be covered in four semesters. Each theory course is of either 2 or 4 credits and each practical course is of 2 to 6 credits. Each credit course consists of 15 lecture hours (theory) or 4 -5 laboratory experiments of total 15h duration (practical). In all the courses, 40% of the total assessment for each course is based upon teacher’s evaluation of the student over the entire semester period (continuous internal assessment) and the remaining is assessed by the semester-end examination.

In the first year of M. Sc., the emphasis is on tutorials and practical. In the second year, research projects from 25% of the practical course. A strong student-teacher interaction is encouraged. After completion of first year, the students are encouraged for summer training for a period of two months (during the vacation) at various universities/National research institutes of repute, with the hope that they can interact with recognised scientists in the fields of their interest. Further, the Department arranges lectures by scientists from India and abroad in many areas of Biotechnology.


Research (Biotechnology)

The Ph.D. program in the Department can be joined either directly after M. Sc. degree with CSIR/UGC JRF-NET or after completing M. Phil. Further, a number of research scholarships/ fellowships on sponsored projects are available to the student during his/her M. Phil. / Ph.D. work. A completed Ph.D. thesis is examined by two external referees and an open viva voce examination is compulsory before a degree can be awarded. The broad areas for Ph.D. studies in the Department are Molecular and Cellular Biology, Fermantation Technology, Genetic Engineering, Protein Biochemistry, Molecular diagnostics, Animal and Plant tissue culture, Molecular Biophysics, Bioinformatics and Membrane biophysics & bioenergetics.

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