when something clicks…..

when something clicks…..

I am training for another fun run that is just over two weeks away. Earlier in the year I had grand plans to train really hard and achieve a time AT LEAST 12 minutes faster than my previous 10km fun run time. But as I’ve documented, life (and motivation) got in the way. There were a few 4-5km runs, at a reasonable pace, but nothing that was getting me prepped for 10km in less than 55mins.

Then I had my ill-fated trip to another gym, which galvanised my resolve to suck it up, get stuck back into Fernwood and re-sign for personal training. BEST thing I could have done (added bonus, my new personal trainer runs marathons). She structures our sessions around building leg and core strength for running. After 4 sessions I’ve gone from 4km to 8km, with an average pace of 5:30, well on track for a sub 55min run, YAY and PHEW!

Sure I still want to quit my runs at about the 1.5km mark, but something has clicked and while I feel it, I’m not giving into the nagging voice that doesn’t want to see me succeed.

I’m also working out less but feeling fitter and stronger after each workout. This makes me think, was I training too much prior to my previous run? I was working out at pretty high intensity 6 days per week, and ended up injured back then. Now I’m doing my PT session and 2-3 runs per week, and it actually feels great. I’m going to stick to this method over the next couple of weeks and see if it improves my run on race day.

Beyond that I will probably switch back to a more strength based program, but as it’s the middle of winter I’m not so concerned with how toned my arms and abs look, more with how my body performs.

I wonder; did my motivation slump come from working out too much? Did I burn out? Should I train smarter not harder? I’m going to explore this further….

M x