Zoomax Launches New 7-inch Handheld Video Magnifier, the Snow 7 HD, for Visually Impaired People

Zoomax Launches New 7-inch Handheld Video Magnifier, the Snow 7 HD, for Visually Impaired People

Since Zoomax introduced the 4.3’’ handheld video magnifier Snow into the global market in 2010, the Snow has been highly accepted and used by people with poor vision caused by retinal eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and macular degeneration. People have used it to read price tags, a book’s name on a high shelf, labels on bottles, and menus, among other items.

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Users of the 4.3” Snow strongly requested a high definition and larger screen for daily reading. Therefore, Zoomax created the Snow 7 HD, a new 7-inch and high definition handheld video magnifier with more features.

The Snow 7 HD inherited all of the previous Snow’s advantages, such as the high contrast black and white appearance, big intuitive buttons in a compact design, a friendly operating process, and a light weight. The Snow 7 HD’s new features include a high definition auto-focus camera, and a 7-inch wide screen, which can be used at an ergonomic viewing angle. The screen also keeps more parts of the display text, photos, and objects sharper and clearer. The device can view objects up to 5 meters away, and the picture freezing functions are perfect for viewing products.

Even with enhanced new features, the Snow 7 HD is still an easy-to-use handheld video magnifier. With large, intuitive buttons, the Snow 7 HD makes daily newspaper reading and object viewing easier for visually impaired people. Users need only power on the device and open the reading stand before they can read books instantly at continuous magnifications from about 2.2X to 16X, or 12 high contrast color modes.

The viewing angle of the reading stand is not only good for comfortable reading, but it also ensures there is enough writing space under the camera. The Snow 7 HD allows users to take notes or do homework more smoothly; no more blocked views or the need to frequently move it while writing.

The Snow 7 HD is good company while shopping or traveling, as it weighs less than 480g and is designed in a small book size. The specially tailored resilient bag protects the Snow 7 HD from scratches and other damage.

Key Features of the Zoomax Snow 7 HD includes:

● High definition and auto-focus camera

● 7″ TFT widescreen

● Continuous magnification of about 2.2X to 16X

● Favorite color modes and 12 high contrast color modes

● Real-time image freeze

● Distance viewing up to 5 meters

● Brightness adjustment

● Lightweight and portable at 16.93 ounces (480g with battery)

● Intelligently saves the last user settings after power off

● Power saves after no operation for 3 minutes

● Special tailored Zoomax protective bag

● 6.5cm to 500cm viewing distance

● Dimensions: 19.5cm x 13.95cm x 2.5cm

● 4 hours of continuous use with rechargeable Li batteries

● Foldable reading stand

● Supports PAL/NTSC; connects to TV

According to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, an estimated 21.5 million American adults have trouble seeing, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses, or are blind or unable to see at all. But with the help of the right assistive technology like the Snow 7 HD, their life quality could improve. Zoomax will continue to design more powerful and easy-to-use video magnifiers for people with visual impairment.

About Zoomax

Zoomax Technology Inc., a global and professional low vision equipment supplier, designs, manufactures, and sells the highest quality and most cost-effective video magnifiers. Their product range covers handheld, portable, and desktop video magnifiers. Today, Zoomax has distributors in more than 40 countries. The Snow 7 HD is now available through authorized Zoomax global dealers. For more information on its products, availability, and other company information, please visit the Zoomax website at http://www.zoomax.co.

Contact information:

Tel: +86-21 55043290

Email: zoomax.marketing(at)zoomax(dot)co

Facebook: Facebook.com/pages/Zoomax-Technology-Inc/296358023779839

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