What Are the Causes of Yeast Infection ?

What Are the Causes of Yeast Infection ?

Obviously before we can prevent and cure yeast infection we need to know what it is and how it starts then we can set up affective habits to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Most women are prinmarily concerned about vaginal yeast infection, the cause of this yeast infection is certainly attributable to Candida Albicans which are nasty organisms that live in the vagina and if allowed to multiply will likely cause the advent of yeast infection in the vagina.

Why Does The Organism, Candida Albicans, Multiply?

Candida Albicans being a living organism are prone to multiply if the following conditions are found: - too much heat, - Transmission through sexual activity, - Changes in sugar levels - Changes in the hormones These are all situations which cause the development of yeast infection.

There are obviously other reasons why Candida Albicans will multiply these include the use of antibiotics, wearing clothes that are not made from cotton and certain chemicals.

Even the use of condoms during sexual intercourse can result in vaginal yeast infection. Others advocate the reduction of the use of yeast products in one’s diet, however, there is no compelling evidence to suggest that doing so will prevent yeast infection.

Obviously, another cause of yeast infection is poor personal hygiene, as the presence of moisture is also what the microorganisms need to thrive in. It is also noted that when a woman has her menstrual periods she would be more likely to suffer from yeast infection.

The use of some agents that are especially irritating such as bubble baths, vaginal douches, and in addition, certain soaps that are of harsh nature and even toilet paper that has been perfumed and detergents that are used to wash undergarments can also become a cause of yeast infection.

It is also not a good thing for a woman to wipe from anus to vagina after having urinated as that is a surefire means of transferring yeasts as bacteria to the vagina from the rectum. Also, washing of the vaginal area more than is necessary with tap water will make for another cause of yeast infection. What’s more, yeast infection is not solely confined to the vagina and it can even be found in oral cavities as well as bowels, folds in skin, nipples, ears and even on the penis.

Most importantly there is a need to identify the causes and conditions needed for the development of a yeast infection. Then a system of prevention and quick cure can be implemented. A diet rich in anti-oxidants is also a very good way to strengthen your body’s immune system helping your body to control the yeast infection.

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