Planning on going on a cruise and would like to know the table limit at the craps & blackjack tables.

Planning on going on a cruise and would like to know the table limit at the craps & blackjack tables.

Unfortunately, there is no “set” answer to your question. Table limits are going to vary depending on numerous factors and circumstances, such as;

1) The nature of the company operating the cruise-line.
2) The time of year and the demographics of the guests onboard. (Is it going to be during a peak or a slow season?)
3) Prior cruise history, (obviously table limits will be set by the casino/company/cruiseship that maximize their profit.)
4) Is the company/cruiseline European or American? Although, most European games are very similar, if not the same to American games there will be subtle differences. (i.e. baccarat will be easier to find than craps in a European venue.)

But as a rule of thumb most cruiseline casinos will operate in the same capacity as a mainland casino in that cruiselines usually have something for everyone. There will be craps and blackjack games that have low-table limits and min. bets ($3 min. bet) as well as table games that are setup with higher limits in order to take care of the needs/wants of a more savvy, aggressive, experienced players.

Most, cruiseship casinos that I have been a guest of have separate high-limits tables that can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars in min. bet/max-table limits. But it is advisable that you inquire to each specific cruiseline before making your choice.

Lastly, even though every casino in the world has “table-limits” or even “high-limit tables” there really is no such thing as a table limit for a player that has the financial means to permit personalized limits. Having worked extensively as a VIP Casino/Hotel guest in Nevada, it is not uncommon for a new guest/player to call in advance and express interest in having a “no-limits” or an “astronomically high-limits” game setup for him by the said casino. Depending on what kind of bankroll you advance to the casino of your future stay, you are able to actually have your own personal game with betting minimums and table-limits emplaced by you.

In sum, I recommend calling a cruiseline and request talking to a Casino/VIP Host for that ship. A Host will be able to answer your questions and make gaming accomodations available that are tailored to your needs. If the cruiseline/casino doesn’t have a host or a person that is employed in such a capacity, I’d stay away and be skeptical of that company’s experience as a casino owner/operation.