Outcome Measurement System-Medical Record Compliance

Outcome Measurement System-Medical Record Compliance

The Outcome Measurement System is designed for health care facilities that are Swing-bed, Sub-Acute, LTC -Long Term Care, SNF - Skilled Nursing Facilities, NF''s - Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and medical record consultants or staff to capture the compliance measures from medical record documentation. The software program is easy to use, enables comments of findings by you, as well as, internal notes, and the accumulation of the data automatically for the graphing of outcomes that are measured for "compliance or non-compliance". The comments that you have entered are on the report, whereas, you may add, delete or change the summary to meet your specific recommendations to the QA Committee for improvement.

Compliance measures must be monitored and tractability is the key to achievement.
The OCS favorably compliments an effective Quality Assurance Review for facilities.

The benefits enable the facility reviewer to record their QA analytical data in a customized format, easily obtained at anytime, especially for possible IDR based outcomes that have showed improvement and not an adverse effect that may of been centered or wide spread within the population.

Comparison of outcomes from a previous report is very simple with the OCS, as the previous data from reviews has already been achieved. With our program you just click on the "Compare to other surveys" for outcome based reporting. this enables the QA team to accredit the findings with justification that the action plan was appropriate and suitable to meet a higher standard of care within the facility.

As the offsite survey preparation begins with the Quality Measure/Quality Indicator (QM/QI) reports , the survey process is very complex and based upon the Quality Care Indicators (QCIs) with approximately 160 computer based data that is analyzed. The Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) is utilized to evaluate compliance of the facilities per regulations being met for standards of care. As the team reviews data from the MDS/RAI, your facility will be tracking those on a current basis, and the high risk will be the areas to address with a higher degree. Especially with those with changes or declines. Utilize the OCS record review to track completed record compliance in all aspects of the disciplines, and it will be factual and consistent with a complete review analysis of documentation and not just the one discipline. Best for demonstrating improvement faster than waiting for additional problems occurring later resulting in more labor hours resulting in higher cost and a possible F309 deficiency.

Tracking current changes that occur daily is a difficult task, normally being completed with logs and morning reports, then making an individual list for yourself. The utilization of our 24 Hour Reporting System enables current changes to be added, updated and resolved on a 24/7 (24 hours/7 days) concurrently with the staff and supervisors.

The OCS program includes at least 275 disciplines, within 26 specific categories, that are specific to the regulation for documentation of the medical record. While tracking the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), this will enable the facility to monitor the compliance standards with outcomes of maintaining Quality Care standards; thereby, identifying risk factors and initiating an improvement approach to resolving issues faster. Next

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