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A Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan Childhood Obesity Rates at Home and in Schools

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Sixty-four percent of the people in America are overweight or obese. More than half of all Americans want to lose weight. The problem is that many people think that they can maintain their same behaviors and still lose weight. They don’t believe they have to change their diet and exercise plan because medical science can help them “fix their problem”. Some go as far as getting lap band surgery to lose significant amounts of weight but after their surgery has been competed they keep the same eating and exercise habits that caused them to be overweight to begin with. For people like this even surgical procedures won’t help them maintain healthy, long term weight loss.

If you want to lose weight you need to use more calories than you consume. Since you need to burn more calories than you take in some people believe that the quickest way to lose weight is simply to exercise more. So is this true? Can you use exercise to lose weight? Well the answer is actually yes and no. An exercise program can help you to lose weight. This is as long as your exercise program is combined with a healthy diet. For successful weight loss, you need to include both a healthy eating and exercise plan.

A common misconception many people have is that if they have exercise program that burns lots of calories they can keep right on eating as usual and still lose weight. They think that you can reach your goal without changing your diet, or at least not by much. This just isn’t true. If you want long term healthy weight loss you need to incorporate healthy eating with your exercise plan.

Now don’t get me wrong. Exercise will help and is absolutely necessary in any long term health and weight loss program. What does exercise accomplish? A well thought out exercise program burns off excess fat, tones flabby muscles and provides benefits to your cardiovascular system. It actually helps your body begin to burn fat even when you are resting. On the other hand, if you only modify your diet and don’t exercise, when and if the weight comes off, you’ll be left with saggy skin all over your body. This probably isn’t your goal.

That being said, exercise alone won’t get you to your goal. Why? If you watch the ‘Biggest Losers’ TV show, you might know that after couples partners had spent time at the program’s official weight loss and training center, one of the couples from each ‘team’ were sent home for one month to see how they did on their own. Some, who adhered to both the diet and exercise regimens on their own, lost significant weight, one man losing 25 pounds. Others, who abandoned the diet, but worked out for hours every day, lost no more than two pounds! That is undisputable evidence that successful, long term weight loss includes both exercise and a healthy eating plan.

I regularly help clients lose weight by showing them healthy eating and exercise plans they can follow. Then using hypnosis and NLP I help them reinforce those plans in their subconscious minds. I’ve found that one thing that nearly everyone who comes to me to lose weight has in common is that they have formed a pattern of overeating. Some eat well throughout the day only to binge at night. Others snack on an excessive amount of sweets, fatty foods and other types of junk food throughout the day. Once in place, these eating habits can be hard to break. You need is to break your pattern by starting a healthy eating plan that works for you. Also, to successfully achieve long term weight loss, staying healthy needs to be your goal.

How does a healthy eating plan affect weight loss? To answer this, let’s look at the basic equation for losing weight:

Calories in – calories out = weight gain or loss.

What this means is the bottom line to losing weight is reducing your caloric intake. But it’s more than merely reducing calories. A healthy eating plan also means changing the types of foods you eat.

For example, let’s say you reduce your daily intake by a mere 500 calories. This will help you lose about a pound a week. But when you don’t drop the sugar laden foods, those calories turn right back into fat. When you add plenty of fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates, you get a reversal of this effect. The calories these foods contain often require that your body burns more calories than the food contains. The result is a net reduction in the calories you consume. Factor in the calories consumed by your exercise program and you’ve effectively multiplied your calorie consumption. You now lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.

If you’re serious about getting and staying healthy, diet combined with an exercise program go hand in hand to lose weight work. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can simply exercise to lose that weight. It just doesn’t work! Long term weight loss includes both healthy eating and exercise. When you put your health plan together make sure you include both then staying healthy will come naturally as a result of everything you do.

Wil Dieck is the founder of Total Mind Therapy a combination of hypnosis and NLP and a number of e-courses including a “Weight Loss Secrets” program that you can have for no charge or obligation.

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