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Posted by Coach Blue on January 14, 2009 under Fitness Habits, Health, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

   Last week I was eating out when I happen to over hear a conversation regarding Oprah Winfrey and her latest weight gain. A group of four ladies were discussing why Oprah is fat again. They were saying it was her personal trainers fault and how could he allow such a thing to happen.  Their discussion continued about how Oprah is paying him good money to get her in shape and he wasn’t doing his job. So I asked myself who really is responsible for keeping Oprah healthy, fit, and slim.  

   Here we have Oprah who can afford the luxuries of having a personal trainer to get her in shape, a personal chef to prepare healthy food, and whoever else she needs to help her accomplish whatever she wants to achieve. So with all these people at her disposal, how did she get fat again? Did her trainer stop pushing her to do her workouts or develop ineffective routines? Did her chef start substituting healthy entrees for trans fatty filled, sugar laden, empty calorie entrees? Or is there some other reason? Could it be possible that regardless of how many tools are at our disposal you have to have desire? 

   Her trainer can only workout with her an hour or so a day. He can push her, he can make her sweat, but Oprah has 23 other hours to screw things up or make poor choices.   Her chef can prepare healthy meals but Oprah has to want to eat them. Getting in shape and staying in shape is a constant battle that needs to be fought with persistence, consistency, and personal desire. If you aren’t constantly making healthy food selections and engaging in a regular exercise routine then all of your previous hard work and sacrifices will disappear. Life can be stressful at times and it sometimes is easier to reach for the unhealthy “comfort” food.  Sometimes we would rather sit around watching T.V. rather than getting off our butts and exercising. But you have to ask yourself, do you want to make being healthy, fit, and slim a roller coaster ride of ups and downs through out your life or do you want to get in shape and stay in shape? You need to find the desire to not throw away all of your hard work. You need to remind yourself of how good it feels to be fit, how much better your clothes feel, how much more energy you have to truly enjoy life. You need to keep that internal fire burning to maintain what you have accomplished. I can’t give you desire, I can only remind you of reasons to have desire but it really boils down to you and only you. We are all accountable for our actions or lack thereof, no one is to blame but ourselves. I’m sure Oprah will agree as she has the tools and knowledge of what she needs to do to stay in shape, but sometimes our busy lifestyles, stress, and long days get in the way of making good choices consistently.

   The good thing about Oprah’s latest weight gain is that she is bringing awareness to this constant battle that millions of other Americans face as well. As a result, more people will be motivated by her to start exercising and making healthy habits. However, motivation will only last for so long. You need to make sure to keep your desire to get in shape and then stay that way by surrounding yourself with people who are going to provide positive reinforcement, support and accountability. Our motto here at and our training site is WE PROVIDE THE TOOLS, YOU PROVIDE THE DESIRE. No matter how much good advice and guidance you receive you will not get in shape and stay in shape if you don’t have desire and take action on that desire!

Posted by Coach Blue on November 30, 2008 under Fitness, Fitness Habits, Health, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

     I write this letter to you not to be mean but just for the opposite reason, because I care about you. What happened?, you used to be thin, healthy, full of energy, and so upbeat. I know our lives have changed a lot since our carefree younger days when we had more time to ourselves and less responsibility. However, having kids, a career, and other responsibilities is not a reason to stop taking care of ourselves. I worry about you. I worry that you won’t be around to guide your kids,  teach them right from wrong. I worry that you will not be there to see them graduate high school, college, and get married.  I worry that you won’t be there when they need you to give them support and guidance with some struggle or challenge that life throws at them. I worry that you will not be there to hold your first grandchild, to look at that small little miracle, and have him or her gaze affectionately back at you. These are the precious moments in life you will miss if you continue along the path of self destruction.  All the things you think are more important to do than making time to exercise in your daily routine now will be meaningless if you are not alive. Making time to exercise most days of the week will not only make you more productive and efficient in your busy life, you’ll feel great and have more energy. 

  Just think how good it will feel to fit back in those old clothes of yester year again.  How much more energy you will have to play with your kids? How much better your knees and back will feel when you shed that excess baggage that has been covering the old you. How good you will feel when the doctor tells you have a clean bill of health, that your body is functioning at a level 10 or 15 years younger than your biological age and you no longer need to take all those medications.

   I know you have the ability to get back in shape. You are strong person, you can do anything you set your mind to.  We are born with two of the greatest gifts; a mind and a heart.  Please use these to guide you back to the old healthy person you used to be and I know deep down that you long to be.

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Posted by admin on November 24, 2008 under Fat Loss, Fitness, Fitness Habits, Health, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

   Anyone who wants to lose weight knows that exercise goes hand in hand with your goal. Sure, you can lose weight strictly by dieting and cutting your calories. However, if you don’t incorporate a regular exercise program into your diet plan, by the time you’ve lost the pounds, you’ll surely notice an unsightly lack of tone in a variety of places. Arms, legs and your waistline will be smaller, but skin hanging off your body in a wrinkly mess is not what you want. Without exercise, it will also take longer to reach your goal. You’ll also lose out on the benefits to your cardiovascular system.

   So many dieters are adverse to the idea of exercise. Even though you may realize that a sedentary lifestyle contributed to your weight gain, you shouldn’t think of exercise as a torment. It’s easy to make excuses for why you can’t take up some form of exercise. You don’t have time. You don’t like workouts. On and on. Walking for weight loss can work for any dieter.

   Did you know that walking for just 15 minutes, twice a day, can burn 400-500 calories and provide significant health benefits, particularly with your cardiovascular health? Not to mention that you’ll be toning muscles all along the way. Weight loss experts generally agree that walking for weight loss, just 4-5 days a week, provides you all of these health benefits. This also means that your 1800 calorie diet is effectively now a 1300-1400 calorie diet. Walking for weight loss is a winner!

   There are so many missed opportunities that will allow you to fulfill your exercise program. If you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle, you probably have just not given much thought to these opportunities. We are all so used to driving everywhere, but with the price of gas a current concern, it’s far easier and economical to take short walks, save some gas money and get into shape, all at the same time.

   For example, let’s say you need a quart of milk from the corner store, just a couple of blocks away. Instead of driving, walk! Going to visit your neighbor, just a short distance away? Walk! Take the stairs at work, instead of the elevator. Drive to the park and take a 15-30 minute walk. While getting your exercise, you also have a chance to enjoy the scenery. Take your dog for a walk. Go to the mall and walk from one end to the other and back. You don’t need to spend money, just window shop if you like. If you’re accustomed to driving to pick the kids up from school, consider walking if it’s not far away. This is a good way to get them in the habit of walking, too.

   It’s easy to see how there are dozens of opportunities for you to implement your walking for weight loss program. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a list of such activities. Don’t use inclement weather as an excuse. Just use an indoor venue, such as the mall, an art museum or a large city library.

   Almost anyone can make use of the walking for weight loss concept. You can start out walking slowly, as necessary, and build up steam over a period of weeks. You’ll get in shape in no time and reach your weight loss goal in less time.

Six fitness tips to get your Health back on track!

Posted by admin on November 19, 2008 under Fitness, Fitness Habits, Health, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

    When you think of being fit, you probably think of six pack abs and a great tush. However, when you stop to think about it, fitness involves more than bodybuilding and those admirably well toned muscles you see in magazines and on TV. It’s possible to have the image of health while not being what your doctor would call fit. If your body looks good, but you’re unhappy, you’re not really fit! You can be picture perfect, but anemic. On the other hand, you might have a poor self image, yet be physically fit as a fiddle! So the point here is that when you’re looking to be fit, you want to have a holistic approach that addresses appearance, nutrition, mind and spirit. Let’s take a look at some fitness tips that get you in the very best state of health.

Your state of mind and mental health play a primary role in true fitness. Most of us work too much and play too little for our own good. Sure, a good work ethic is a fine thing and should be developed. Have you ever heard anyone say, “You’ve got to work on your play ethics?” Probably not, yet many of us feel downright guilty at kicking back and doing something fun. Leisure time is important for a healthy, positive attitude towards life. A negative attitude can literally make you sick. For example, a major study, conducted in the 1940s, found that people who thought they would ultimately develop a major disease, such as cancer, eventually did! So, our all-over fitness tip here is, take time to relax, laugh and enjoy life! Your state of mind does affect your health.

Now, exercise is an essential fitness tip that we all know about. People who aren’t really into a formal program of exercise come to think of this as a dreaded task. After a long day at the office, exercise may be the last thing you want to think about doing. Fifty sit-ups? Yuck! Jogging? Hey, it’s raining! The trick to getting enough exercise is redefining it, according to your lights. Do you like to dance? Turn on some music and dance! On a recent daytime talk show, they showed a video of a middle aged woman who danced, while listening to music, as she did her daily chores, from vacuuming to hanging clothes on the clothes line. It was funny, but it was obvious she really enjoyed it. Do whatever you truly enjoy that gets your muscles working and your heart pumping. Your exercise need not be and shouldn’t be, a grueling task!

One of the best fitness tips concerns those 6-8 glasses of water. Yep. If you dislike water, flavor it with lemon or pomegranate juice, but drink it. With all the environmental pollutants and food additives and preservatives, you accumulate a lot of toxins in a lifetime. These toxins are stored in the fat tissues of our body, which should be a motivation to lose unhealthy, excess fat on its own! Water helps flush these from your body, easing the toxin induced stress on all of your organs.

Americans are notoriously fond of soda and sweets. Try to reduce your intake of sugar. This fitness tip may well save your life. Even if you don’t develop full blown diabetes, excess sugar will mess up your pancreas, tax your liver and kidneys, ultimately landing you in a poor state of health. There’s really no such thing as too little sugar in a balanced diet. Implement a gradual reduction of sugar. You’ll find that mood swings disappear.

Most fitness tips you hear about focus on a low fat diet. Here, we say instead, watch the types of fats you consume. One of the healthiest fats you can use with abandon, is olive oil, which contains no cholesterol, trans fats, saturated fat or any of the bad stuff. Instead of using butter, try brushing a slice of bread with olive oil, then pile on some sliced olives, diced tomatoes and a little basil, Italian style. Your heart will thank you.

Good nutrition and a balanced diet work from the inside out to make you beautiful. Practiced over a lifetime, you can avoid many illnesses associated with aging. The best fitness tips are just common sense. To your best health!

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Posted by Coach Blue on November 2, 2008 under Cardio Training, Fat Loss, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

  Pick up any newspaper or turn on your TV and you are constantly reminded of all the problems we are currently facing:  Foreclosures, Economy, Wall Street,  Job losses etc.  There is one problem that is not being addressed and it is occurring all across the country everyday.  It is a habit, an addiction that people can’t seem to shake.  It is what we call the “Cardio junkie”.   Everyday all across America,  gyms are filled with these junkies.  These junkies are lurking everywhere,  it could be your neighbor,  your doctor,  maybe even your co-workers.  They are addicted to doing endless hours of repetitive, boring cardio with the hopes of getting in better shape.  Sometimes it starts very early in the morning.  They wake about  5 AM,  throw on their workout clothes,  and head off to the gym to get their fix.   A good day is when they can get in a hour and half to 2 hours in the morning and another hour at nite.   The high is great,  they feel on top of the world,  they don’t want to come down.  On the days they can’t get in the hour or two they feel like crap.  They feel like they let themselves down.   

  Unfortunately, for most of these cardio addicts the problem is they are not getting the results they are looking for based on their habit.  They think more is better and are frustrated but confused when they don’t accomplish their goals.  They want a lean, fit body but most of the time they only have a strong heart with a soft exterior.  The fat doesn’t seem to want to come off no matter how much more they do.  They are in a hamster wheel of cardio hell.   The problem is they don’t know what the solution is,  so they continue to do the same things over and over expecting a different result (insanity). 

  However,  there is a solution and it is quite simple.   The solution is to decrease the frequency of cardio and change it to interval training and to incorporate some weight training into their program.   This one simple fix will get them a quicker fat loss result,  save their joints and body from repetitive stress,  and give them more free time to do something more productive.   If you know one of these “cardio junkies”,  let them know there is help for their addiction.  I am proud to say I am a former cardio junkie and I have been clean for 15 years and counting.

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Posted by Coach Blue on October 27, 2008 under Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

I just spent a week in Vegas and if the title of this blog gives you any clues,  I went home a loser.  However,  I still had a great time.  It has been a while since I have had a vacation.   Usually,  once a year I will take a complete week off from everything.   No workouts,  no planning, and no strict diet adherence.   Now don’t get me wrong, even on my worst day I don’t go hog wild crazy.   I don’t douse my food in a vat of butter or cover everything in chocolate syrup.   I just allow myself some lee way in my regular regimen.  You just feel better when you are eating healthy and nutritious foods.  That is a feeling I don’t want to give up completely.   What I did notice in Vegas is that there are a lot of tourist that have been on an extended unhealthy vacation for a long time.   Vegas brings people from all over and from what I saw,  we are in sad shape.   There are a lot of people walking around that are one spoonful away from a massive heart attack.  If you don’t have your health you have nothing.   Let me repeat that again,  if you don’t have your health you have nothing.   No money, no great job, and no excuses can make up for losing your health.   If you have ever witnessed how someone you know looks in the intensive care unit after a quadruple bypass,  you will have second thoughts about neglecting your health.  It is not a pretty site.  In my years of working in the fitness industry,  the easiest sale you ever make is when someone just had a heart attack or when their doctor told them if they don’t start exercising immediately they will be dead soon.  It is usually the heart attack that wakes people up not always the doctors warning. How sad is that!   Our goal at home fitness equipment experts is to help you avoid being this person.  We want to help you take control of your health now before it is too late.  If you are already following a good exercise and nutrition plan, then congratulations are in order to you.  It is not an easy task but it is necessary if we want to live a quality life.  If you are someone that has been on an extended vacation from your health, then now is time to take action.  Check out our workout ideas,  product section, or equipment reviews to get started on your journey today.   Don’t wait until  you have no other choice.   We are here to help you on your journey.

Posted by Chris A on October 22, 2008 under Fitness, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

After moving to Las Vegas less than a month ago, I have finally reunited with my business partner Captain Kirk D to brain storm the future of this site. Kirk and his wife Jane our out visiting me in Sin City for a greatly deserved vacation and video shoot. So far we’ve become victims of the Vegas lifestyle going out clubbing every night til wee hours of the morning! Ouch! But as we made the rounds from casino to casino to take in all the sights, the signs of superfit people are abundant everywhere. Vegas is the one place where fit bodies out number fat bodies (local bodies that is). Definitley not an “equal opportunity” town:) Just take a trip to one of LVAC’s (Las Vegas Athletic Club) many locations at any time of the day and you will see how many people depend on keeping their hardbody figures in great shape! Afterall, Vegas is definetely the “Vanity Capital” of the world. I have worked in gym’s and the fitness industry for over 15 years, and I have never seen so many people committed to staying in great shape. It’s too bad that everyone’s job didn’t depend on staying physically strong, lean, and fit!

Posted by Coach Blue on October 17, 2008 under Lifestyle Habits, Recovery Be the First to Comment

  For anyone that is a Boston Red Sox fan you are probably a little tired this morning after last nites amazing game.  My normal sleep routine was thrown off a little by the late finish to the game but it was worth it.  I still awoke at my normal time and did my workout in the morning as usual.  I didn’t allow my grogginess to throw me off.  Consistency is the key if you want to continue to make progress in your fitness regimen.  If you have a planned workout for the day,  stick with your plan.  Don’t make excuses,  just do it.   When you do follow through with your plan you are strengthening your willpower.  This will make it easier the next time obstacles may try to take you off track.  Overtime you don’t even have to think about it,  you just act.   Whether you are a Red Sox fan or not you have to admire their persistence.  They are perfect example of not giving up with the odds stack against them.  If you can apply this same persistence and drive to your own fitness routine you will eventually be reward with great results.

Posted by Coach Blue on October 15, 2008 under Fitness Habits, Lifestyle Habits, Workout Variety Be the First to Comment

New England this time a year is very scenic.  As I was driving this morning, I was admiring the fall foliage.  The blend of the reds, greens, oranges, and yellows created a wonderful masterpiece.  I began to think how boring it would be if the leaves all just turned one color in the fall.  If everything was just yellow or just red.   This one style mentality is unfortunately how some trainers train their clients, how some manufactures sell their products and how some people workout.  Some manufactures tell you this one piece of equipment is all you need for great results.  Some trainers just use kettlebells or just use machines.   Some people have been training in just one style for years.  They only use the treadmill or they only use certain machines.  Then they wonder why the results stop coming and why they don’t like working out.  We need to take a lesson from fall and apply variety not only to our workouts but also our nutrtition.  By blending a variety of things into our workouts we can create a much more beautiful masterpiece with our results.  If you have fallen into this trap, then try something new next time you workout.  If you only use machines, then try some free weights.  If you only walk on the treadmill, then try the bike or an elliptical.  By changing things up we stimulate the body and mind in new ways.  This new stimulation forces our bodies to adapt to new things.  When we keep our body guessing what we our going to do next then we produce better results.

Posted by Chris A on October 13, 2008 under Fitness Equipment, Fitness Habits, Lifestyle Habits Be the First to Comment

The use of strength training equipment is like riding bikes.   When you shop for equipment or go into the gym it can be confusing if you are new to working out. There are machines,  dumbbells, and barbells.  Which one do you choose?  If you think of your strength training approach in terms of riding bikes it might make your decision easier.  When you first learned to ride a bike you started with training wheels because you needed to learn the pattern of movement and technique before you could balance and stabilize the bike so it didn’t tip over.  The bike with training wheels is like the machines you use for strength training.  Machines can be great for beginners or if you are recovering from an injury because they teach you the movement and technique without having to worry about balance and control.  Once you mastered the technique of riding the bike, your parents would take the training wheels off.   At first this was scary because you were afraid of falling or losing control. If you were like me you probably fell off several times and maybe even crashed into a bush or a mailbox.  Ouch!  Over time you mastered the bike and you no longer focused on the balance and control and just enjoyed the ride.  Riding a bike without training wheels is like using barbells and dumbbells in your workout because they now involve not only knowing the movement but also controlling the barbell or dumbbell so it doesn’t whack you in the face.   A unicycle is another style of bike that requires extreme balance and control.  This requires coordination and a greater degree of difficultly than a bicycle.  A unicycle would be equilivent to performing a exercise on one leg or with one arm at a time.  If you have never tried this, you are in for a treat.  The benefit of this style of training is it will quickly address your strengths and  weaknesses and help you improve any imbalances you may have between your left and right side of your body.  If you want to progress in your exercise program you need to take the training wheels off of your bike at some point or maybe even try riding a unicycle. Many people who have been working out for a while still have their training wheels on their bike. This doesn’t mean that machines should only be used by beginners or that anyone who’s been training for some time should only use free weights. However, manufacturers would have you believe that a $3500 bicep machine will yield better results than a $40 curl bar. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there’s more profit for the manufacturers in marketing the hype behind their fancy new machines than there is in a dumbell or barbell. We’ll tackle that debate in a future post, but for now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite ADD jokes as it relates to people’s attention spans with sticking with the basic fundamentals of exercise selection:

How many people with ADD does it take to change a light bulb? Wanna ride bikes?

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