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Testimonials from some of our current patients

I suffered with migraine headache for over 10 years. I was

prescribed pain medication and shots form a medical doctor after running tests. Acupuncture helped relieve the pain during

my initial adjustments. My spine was so out of alignment that it took a month to correct. I have not had a migraine in over

I found him in the phonebook. I was very lucky to find this

office. The office is always accomodating when I call for an appointment. The staff is courteous. Dr. Hibner is marvelous

and has helped improve my life. Thank You.

I was referred to Dr. Handberg by my insurance carrier. I suffered

severe shoulder pain as well as sciatic pain in my right leg causing me limited motion. I have had similar symptoms for several

months. I did not consult an MD, because I knew that a good Chiropractor could help stop the pain or fix my condition. Within

three weeks of seeing Dr. Handberg, I have much greater motion, the sharp pain is gone. I can sit without pain. The movement

of my neck has improved tremendously. Dr. Handberg tries to cure you-not making you dependent on treatment. The staff- Susan,Nicole

and Kelly are not only knowledgeable, but caring and friendly as well. I''m only sorry I did not find this office years ago.

I will continue to see Dr. Handberg for maintenance when my "issues" are fixed. Thank You all.

I suffered with pain and aches in my lower back radiating

into both my legs over several months. As a result I had limited range of motion. I consulted my medical doctor

and was told to take over the counter pain relievers. I did and it helped as long as I continued to take the drugs. As soon

as I stopped taking the medication, the pain returned.

A chance meeting with two satisfied patients prompted me to

consult Dr. Hibner. His treatments were smoothe and gave me much relief. After one treatment I was walking without pain. I

was then able to do my daily yard chores. I will continue to receive preventative maintenance treatments. There is nothing

that I am unhappy about because my condition has so improved so much. I am quite a happy fella.

I was referred to Dr. Handberg by a long time friend and patient

as well. I had suffered injuries as a result of a car accident and had major back pain.

After just a couple of treatments I was able to resume my daily

activites without pain. I am now able to sleep through the night and I am a much happier person now.

The only other thing I wish his office offered would be a televison

Prior to seeing Dr. Hibner, I suffered with chronic lower back

and neck pain since 1989. I had physical therapy, cortisone injections and surgery. All only offered some relief.

Since getting treatment from Dr. Hibner, my severe pain and

down time has been eliminated. I was referred to the office by my kids school bus driver, and since I have no medical insurance

I appreciate the affordable treatments offered.

I suffered from lower back and neck pain for years. I did consult

an MD a couple of times and they immediately prescribed medication and rest. Over the last few years now I primarily

see Dr. Handberg and I am extremely pleased with him. I have had far less back pain even to the point of complete relief.

The treatments I have received have improved my life by allowing me to keep doing the activities that I enjoy. I am completely

satisfied with the care I have received in this office.

I was injured in a house fire during a rescue of an elderly

woman. I suffered for 10 years before finding out about Dr. Hibner. I did consult my primary MD initially and he sent me to

a coupe of specialists who recommended surgery or learn tro live with the pain. My initial visit was initiated by my wife.

After approximately four acupuncture treatments I was litteraly pain free. I was able to return to my normal lifestyle, including

skiing, riding my motorcycle and returned to competitive bicycle racing without pain. By far one of the best decisions I have

ever made. I have recommended many coworkers, family and friends to see Dr. Hibner. I am a huge fan. I can call the office

and get set up with an appointment in short order. The staff is a pleasure to work with.

I suffered with neck and upper backpain for about a year before my stepdad

referred me to see Dr. Handberg. The chiropractic care I am receiving along with the endurance traing I am receiving in the

office am allowing me to work for longer periods now with no aches and pains.

I suffered from painful hemorrhoids for fifteen years.

I consulted my medical physician and was advised to use sitz baths and prescribed medication for topical use. I did not

know if acupuncture could help my condition and after five visits receiving acupuncture treatments the pain and

bleeding was gone. I have seen Dr. Hibner over the past twenty years for neck and back pains and have always been pleased

with the care in his office.

I suffered with severe sciatica and pinched nerves for two

weeks prior to consulting my primary Physcian who prescribed me muscle relaxers and pain medication which did not improve

my condition. Since getting treatment from Dr. Handberg I am again able to lead a productive, busy life style again. The excruciating

pain is gone! I choose to continue to get periodic adjustments to maintain my well being. This has been over a seven year

period now. I was referred to Dr. Handberg by my current primary Physician. The only improvement I can recommend Dr. Handberg

is if would open an office closer to my home in Wickenburg.

www.dexknows.com15182 N. 75th Avenue Suite 160 Peoria,