While we spoke about carrying a clipboard and not trying too hard in part 1, part 2 of this series will continue to focus on the common gym mistakes that men get involved in, which keeps them away from the optimum benefit that they can receive from their workouts.
Choose between big ego and big muscles

Well, it’s not a fair world out there, and we’re sure you already know that. You can’t have everything in life, can you? Even if you do end up picking up more than the other guy, it doesn’t mean you’ll land up owning his car, house and get his pretty girlfriend too! Get a grip on it, and start exercising smart.

If you pick up more weight than you can deal with, these are some of the common problems that you will encounter along the way -

You will never be able to complete an exercise along its full range of motion.

Common gym mistakes

If, for instance, you pick up more than your usual weight while doing a squat, chances are that you won’t lower your body completely out of the fear that you’ll get stuck halfway through.

You’ll become dependent on a spotter.

The spotter is there for your safety, and NOT to actually help you perform your set of routines. But if and when the spotter starts becoming an integral part of your workout, you’ve got to realize that something is going wrong somewhere. Use the minimum set of weights, but ensure that you can perform the entire routine on your own. That way, you’ll end up seeing the benefits of your workout.

Wrist straps become your best friends.

Occasional use of wrist straps are permissible; but if you end up depending on straps all the time then it can cut down the effectiveness of your entire exercising schedule. A lot of men end up using these straps to mask their weak grip strength. Get used to them, and you’ll be in big trouble, mister! Try sticking to the amount of weight that you can deal with, without assistance from any of these outside forces – even if they come only in the form of a teeny-tiny wrist strap.

We suggest that you stick to doing 10 sets of a single repetition of an important exercise like the bench press or the squat. Do it with lesser weight than you usually use, and focus on perfecting your form. This way, you’ll be able to see the difference when you actually end up doing all your other exercise routines.