Children's Chewable Vitamins and Supplements from Shaklee

Children's Chewable Vitamins and Supplements from Shaklee

You want only the best for your child. You want them to be healthy and smart. They need the essential nutrients needed for proper growth including lactoferrin to support a strong immune system and DHA for brain and eye health. Shaklee has been delivering quality natural nutritional products for over 50 years. The following natural dietary supplements will give your child the best chance to grow up healthy.

Mighty Smart

Shaklee''s Mighty Smart is scientifically formulated with a power-packed blast of ultra-pure DHA which is essential for early brain development. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid has been shown to support memory and help kids with their brain skills. Each great tasting chew provides 100mg of DHA.

Vita-C Chewables

Vita-C Chewables are formulated to make daily supplementation a simple pleasure for children and adults who have trouble swallowing tablets. Tangy,citrus-flavoured source of vitamin C helps build strong bones, cartilage, teeth and gums. Your body can''t make or store vitamin C, so it is important to eat this powerful antioxidant often.

Vita-Lea® Ocean Wonders

These great-tasting, mixed berry, orange, and grape flavoured chewable tablets are naturally sweetened and fun to eat! Kids love them. Ideal for children and teens, this comprehensive supplement provides 23 essential nutrients including 100% of the daily value of B vitamins and trace minerals. No artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives added! And it''s tooth friendly (sweetened with xylitol) which means that Shaklee''s Ocean Wonders does not promote tooth decay. It''s also gluten free!

ShakleebabyMultivitamin & Multimineral Powder

Children grow rapidly during the first few years of life, more than at any other time. That''s why it is important for your baby or toddler to get 23 essential vitamins and minerals so that they can grow strong and stay healthy. This multivitamin and multimineral powder is also formulated with prebiotics which promote the growth of friendly microflora in the digestive tract that supports a strong immune system. Packed with vitamins A, C, E and D (for growing teeth and bones) Shakleebaby powder also contains folate, biotin, iron and zinc. No artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives are used in this outstanding product that is backed by over 50 years of scientific research! It''s gluten free!


Shaklee''s Incredivites is the first chewable multivitamin in the U.S. that contains lactoferrin which has shown to help support a healthy immune system. To help kids get the nutrients they need for proper gowth, Incredivites contains a comprehensive assortment of 23 essential vitamins and minerals including all eight B vitamins. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are added and Incredivites is naturally sweetened with xylitol which does not promote tooth decay. And Incredivites is gluten free!

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