4 Ways To Benefit From Organic Food.

4 Ways To Benefit From Organic Food.

You don’t have to be a ‘Greenie’ to eat organic food – you just need to want to enjoy a long and healthy life. Did you know that eating organically can be potentially life-saving? Here are 4 ways you and your family will benefit from eating organic food.

More healthful – Organic produce tends to have higher levels of Vitamin C, more concentrated levels of antioxidants and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium. These are necessary not only for promoting good health, but also to fight serious diseases such as cancer. Eating organic food provides a fabulous foundation for health that will see you and your children enjoying great health and vitality for years to come! Organic food tastes like food should.

Organic food is safer – Organic foods do not have additives, chemical pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and artificial chemical fertilisers nor are they genetically modified. Chemical residues are often present in commercially grown produce. Did you know that in 1998, the FDA found pesticide residues in over 35% of food tested? You can read more about the effects of chemicals on our health in How To Grow Organic Food (link). Would you choose to serve your family a chemical cocktail at mealtimes if there was another alternative? You do indeed have an alternative –choose to eat organic produce – it’s safer.

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Protects Your Children – It is shocking but true, that our children are far more vulnerable to toxins than us adults. In fact, studies have shown that they are exposed to almost 4 times as many cancer causing pesticides in food than we ingest based on the types of food that children tend to eat. Due to their smaller size, developing bodies and growing brains, they are not able to deal with the onslaught of chemicals. More and more children have birth defects or are suffering from cancer, developmental delays, learning disabilities, central nervous system malfunctions, respiratory disorders and behavioural problems. The rise in incidence of these diseases parallels the increasing use of chemicals in our food and environment. Unfortunately the latency time between exposure and disease can be decades, Do you want your child to be a ticking time-bomb? You cannot afford to ignore the risks. Protect your children. By feeding them chemical free, healthy home-grown fruit and vegetables you can eliminate that risk.

Save Money – Not only will you save money, you could also earn some money by growing your own fruit and vegetables. Think of the wonderful fresh produce you will have and of the healthy chemical-free sauces, jams and preserves you can make. You will save money by not having to drive to the shops so often and your improved health will mean fewer medical bills. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house, high rise unit or a caravan, you can still grow a productive garden. www.HowtoGrowOrganicFood.com has some great tips for growing vegetables in any location. By growing your own, you can have full confidence that the food you are providing for your family is going to be the best nature can provide, with the added bonus that it will be a budget buster!

Until next time, Go Organic – Grow Organic!

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