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Please Read Every Word On This Page To Get The Whole Truth
About The ''Fat Loss 4 Idiots'' Diet From Someone Who''s Actually Using It!

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Dear Struggling Dieter,

I have to tell you right up front…I’ve Done This Diet!

Just look at other websites about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet and you will see the exact same language used. “I’ve tried Hoodia, Atkins diet”, exactly worded like everyone else, etc).

And I would bet you that the writers of those sites have not even done this diet. They are just promoting it.

Both my husband and I have actually DONE this diet and are using it to this day. Together we both lost 32 pounds within one month. Below I''ve got examples of how this diet has helped both of us to share with you.

And, yes, what you read above is absolutely true. Chances are you will need groceries to get started on this healthy weight loss diet and so to help you out I will send you a certificate for $1,000 worth of groceries if you purchase this diet program through my blog, www.WeightLossStory.org. (More Info On This...)

So if you''re thinking about using diet pills, ''fad'' diets or any other product to lose weight, I''m extremely relieved that you''ve found my blog because not only will my story shock you, it''ll almost certainly save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

I''ll tell you exactly why over a 8 month period I tried but was forced to give up with NutriSystem, Slim Fast, Hydroxycut, low fat diets and a range of other plans... and how my husband and I finally managed to lose 32 pounds in one month with a unique system called Fat Loss 4 Idiots that guaranteed I''d lose the weight or my money back.

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My name is Allison Young and like so many people, I spent months desperately trying to lose weight. I never used to have issue with it at all because I regularly walked, used our treadmill and was generally very active.

However, in January 2008, after being a work at home mom for so many years (with quite a lot of time on my hands!) I started working for my local church. Even though I enjoyed it, the problem was I didn''t have any time to keep myself slim anymore.

The Inevitable Started To Happen...

I slowly began to gain weight and due to lack of exercise and stress eating, I gradually put on 25 pounds over the course of 8 weeks and things didn''t get any better from there.

After a few months the work eased off slightly and I actually did have the chance to start using our treadmill again, which I hoped would help me lose a little weight.

However, after trying on my clothes and standing in front of the mirror as a ''confidence test'', what I discovered was horrific. I looked repulsive. My belly fat was hanging out and my thighs looked enormous!

That was the point when I realized I had to do something about it ; and by means that avoided exercise at all costs!

I Tried NutriSystem - Failed Miserably & Nearly Went Broke In The Process

My husband Peter and I were like many around New Years last year. We saw the numerous ads about NutriSystem and gave in to it. We thought, “why not?” I’ve tried everything else; It''s a big name weight loss company so this has to be a fast weight loss diet plan . It wasn’t.

First of all, you have to know, NutriSystem is not cheap. Peter and I did it together and for both of us it was $330 per month – EACH! They send you pre-packaged meals for a month shipped to your door. As this sounded great, it soon became a storage problem in our garage as we had to build shelves to keep all the foods displayed so it was easy for us to just grab a meal and go.

What we both liked about it was the fact you get prepackaged meals. No thinking about what to eat each day. Just grab your breakfast, lunch, and dinner – good to go.

But what we didn’t like were the small portions. For example, breakfast has the offering of cereal. Just one ¼ of a bowls worth, then eat a banana. Or you could choose a blueberry muffin, or orange-cranberry muffin plus the fruit.

Keep in mind these are small portions and we just felt hungry soon afterwards. Lunch was the same with a small container of soup, or chili, or stew. Again, small portions that drove us hungry still.

By dinner time we had grown an appetite and yet were still hungry after eating our dinner of choice. A small microwaveable tray of meatloaf, or stew, or lasagna, or pizza. The pizza was a 2.5 inch in diameter piece of cardboard that you spread sauce and cheese on. Peter is a huge pizza fan and pretty much blew it when it came to the pizza. He would eat 2 just to fill up – blowing the diet of course.

I did NutriSystem for 3 months. We both did. I lost 8 pounds in 3 months. And for those 3 months I racked up a credit card bill of $1,980. ($330 each X 3). So we stopped it immediately for financial reasons mostly with nothing, really, to show for it other than more credit card debt and still a bulge in the belly.

Get $1,000 Worth of Groceries When You Order Through My Blog (Learn How...)

IThen Tried Slim Fast & All I Got Were Headaches

Soon after stopping the NutriSystem for financial reasons, I told myself I wasn’t going to spend that kind of money again. And so I found an over-the-counter diet plan Slim Fast. It says its “fast”, so again, why not. I tried this fast weight loss diet drink and I soon found myself with headaches pretty much every day.

You see, if I don’t eat right, I get headaches. So does Peter. He’s worse though – his mood goes downhill fast. The Slim Fast plan for the most part is just a liquid diet. I need more than that throughout the day. Something with substance. What I liked about the Slim Fast weight loss plan was it was simple. Pour a scoop of powder in a glass; pour milk, good to go for breakfast and lunch. Dinner was recommended to have a “sensible” dinner. This is where both Peter and I blew it. We both were so hungry by dinner that we ate more than we should have.

And to make matters worse, we both got headaches because we weren’t eating right. This diet wasn’t right for us. The headaches made our moods unpleasant and we didn’t want to take it out on our 7-year old daughter. So after the constant headaches we quit Slim Fast right away for health reasons.

I Tried Hydroxycut, Had Dizzy Spells, And The Headaches Continued…

The “just pop a pill and lose weight” mentality also got to me. I was so depressed, discouraged, exasperated, and financially challenged by now in my quest for a fast weight loss plan that I took the easy way out. With Hydroxycut you take up to 3 pills 3 times daily. At times this did curb my appetite but more so than anything, I was having dizzy spells. No diet program to speak of, just take the pills and eat less. Well I ate less, but I was scared for my health. I was dizzy most of the time and the headaches came back. So when my health was in jeopardy again, it didn’t take me long to dump this “fast weight loss diet”.

Eventually, I Found Something That Worked...

Now, by the time I found the current fast weight loss diet I am on to this day, I was literally at the end of my rope. I’ve tried the expensive to the cheap fast weight loss diet plans, with nothing to show for it other than a depleted bank account and a still-there bulge in the belly. So when I came across this latest fast weight loss plan, I was more than skeptical.

However, it all changed with the next diet I tried called Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Personally, I had never heard of it before and due to my recent experiences, I was initially cautious. I mean, come on, The Fat Loss 4 Idiots fast weight loss diet claims you will lose 9 pounds every 11 days.

This is just like everything else I heard about. However, after reading some extremely complimentary reviews and learning that the cost was very, very low compared to some of the others I was considering, I decided to give it a shot.

What seemed to be so different with this program was that a major consideration was not only fast weight loss but also health. I learned some astonishing reasons why 97% of diets will always fail overtime and how they can make you seriously ill.

More importantly, however, I discovered 10 rules for fast fat loss, how to make your fast weight loss diet work with your daily routine and also how to manipulate your metabolism into successfully shedding the pounds by eating more that 3 meals each day.

Get $1,000 Worth of Groceries When You Order Through My Blog (Learn How...)

So Peter and I began the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet in our last quest for fast weight loss. We began August 7, 2008. I downloaded their menu they give you at the site. Just pick a “themed” menu and it will print out for you what you should eat. See the difference with this fast weight loss diet is that you are given real food to eat. Not some packaged and processed foods. And for a whole lot less too. I think I paid $40 or something like that for both Peter and me! So it really didn’t break the bank this time.

But here’s what we both like about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots fast weight loss diet. I am not a big breakfast person to begin with. I’d rather eat a lunch menu for breakfast. Peter loves the traditional breakfast. And this is where the Fat Loss 4 Idiots fast weight loss diet plan fed both of us healthy and helped us to lose the weight – While Peter ate his omelette (per the diet), I had skinless chicken with mushrooms. This worked out well for both of us. Peter got his breakfast and I wasn’t forced to eat eggs (I really don’t like them), so having chicken for breakfast is my cup of tea.

For lunch, I would cook up the recommended menu of low-fat turkey meat, with a 3 pound bag of corn, 3-pound bag of mixed vegetables. This would last us for about 3 lunches (this is the same for lunch on the diet for about the week) so Peter could take some with him to work already cooked. And for dinner we could eat spaghetti with pineapple as a side dish and eat as much of it as we wanted! Boy this is fantastic.

Having a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner we were not hungry as we once were. The diet lets you eat regular food that you find in your local grocery store. Just put the menu together that Fat Loss 4 Idiots recommends. As to our health; I no longer have headaches and neither does Peter. No dizzy spells either. And our daughter is a happy little girl as her parents are happy, healthy and losing weight. And as a bonus, our bank account was not depleted getting started – only $40 for this fast weight loss diet .

And Here’s The Best Part About The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Fast Weight Loss Diet

The diet is set up for you to only be on it for 11 days at a time. Then you’re off it for the weekend, for example. Here’s what I do – I start the diet on a Monday and I am on it until the next Thursday. (M,T,W,Th,Fri,Sat,Sun,M,T,W,Th).

Then, Peter and I are off the diet every other weekend actually Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And you get to eat whatever you want! Hoo-ray. We’ll have a delicious pizza from Round Table Pizza or go out for Mexican food, or what ever we like. Then come Monday morning we’re back on the diet again. I always have every other weekend to look forward to because we’re off the diet and can eat whatever we want. Plus I know that I am losing weight when I’m on the fast weight loss diet. I’m eating healthy food yet I can be off it after 11 days.

Get $1,000 Worth of Groceries When You Order Through My Blog (Learn How...)

Here''s just a sample of the menu we go by:


·Breakfast - Egg Omelette (Chicken for me)

·Lunch - Lean Ground Turkey w/ Mixed Vegetables

·Dinner - Spaghetti with Pineapple side

· Dessert - Orange & Pineapple Smoothie


·Breakfast - Egg Omelette

· Lunch - Pastrami Sandwich

·Dinner - Ham & Pineapple with Mixed Vegetables

·Dessert - Banana Milk Shake

Here''s why I recommend it...

The reason why I would recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots to anyone is because I''ve been following their plan for 28 days now and the results have been almost unbelievable.

Although I haven''t lost weight as fast as the 9lbs every 11 days that is claimed on the website, I have managed to drop 20 lbs in just under a month – September 5, 2008 to be exact; and I''m sure you''ll agree that is pretty astonishing, especially when you consider I haven''t had to alter my lifestyle in anyway - even with my 7-year old daughter.

Both my excess belly and thigh fat have gone a long way to disappearing and I''m almost at the stage of being able to get back into my 20-year old dresses again!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: But my absolute favorite part about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is that it guarantees that I would lose the weight or give me my money back within 2 months. (See it here)

Nobody else I tried offered such a thing. NutriSystem certainly doesn’t, so what did I really have to lose by trying this one. If I didn’t lose the weight, I would get my $40 back. I am happy to say that I did not request a refund as this fast weight loss diet plan works!

In my opinion, this is way more superior and far more effective than any of these other fast weight loss diets I tried. Obviously, different things work for different people but it has worked extremely well for me and the genial part is you simply eat normal food that you can buy from your local store. They tell you what to eat. You eat it - and you lose weight! What could be simpler? You certainly don''t have to order special foods from a website which was expensive and a real pain with the other ones I tried.

Order By Midnight On

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If you’ll help support my blog by ordering the Fat Loss 4 Idiots fast weight loss diet through any of the links or graphics on this site, I will personally email you $1,000 in grocery coupons!

I wish I had this when I got started on yet another fast weight loss diet. This coupon certificate only costs $15 to redeem but you get $1,000 in free groceries (in essence). You’ll get coupons for name brand groceries to use to shop for the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. This will help get you started on the fast weight loss diet so you won’t have to add any more debt to your credit card.

Here’s How To Get Your $1,000 in Free Groceries

Just send me your receipt for the purchase of Fat Loss 4 Idiots to Allison.young@ymail.com . Once I have your receipt for the Fat Loss 4 Idiots with proof that you purchased it through my blog, I will email you the $1,000 in grocery coupons of which you will be able to download.

Anyway, I hope you''ve found this information useful whatever your situation because if I had known about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots fast weight loss diet a few months back, I would have lost my excess weight ages ago without wasting my time and money with everything else. Anyway, I wish you every success!